• senorita cindita

    Just don’t put it in Little Elm like Hula Hut!

  • Michael Merriman

    Am I the only one who has no idea what Shake Shack is?

    • Twinwillow

      That’s funny because my son (42 year old foodie) asked me the same thing.

  • Twinwillow

    After reading Michael Merriman’s post, that kinda tells me I doubt they’ll be enjoying the very long lines of fans in Dallas as they do in Central Park, NYC.

    As far as Austin is concerned, they’re a horse of a different color and they’ll probably do very well.

    • Michael Merriman

      They serve pretension?

  • Rain Onme

    If they did it would be popular in Dallas.

  • Mavdog

    great, just what Dallas (and Austin as well) is lacking, a place to get a premium burger and good, thick shakes.

    what, Dallas (and Austin as well) already have several places where one can get a great premium burger and rich, thick shakes? where the burgers, fries and shakes are just as good if not better than the overhyped Shake Shack?

    oh. ok. thanks for the news.

  • Person

    Meh. Shake Shack is one of the most overrated burgers out there.