Twin Peaks CEO Randy DeWitt Goes Undercover for CBS’s “Undercover Boss”

This photo could sure use a cutline.

That dude on the left is Twin Peaks CEO Randy DeWitt. He is busy doing some intense undercover work in one of his restaurants. Oh, with a camera crew. Tomorrow night at 7pm (CBS 11), you can watch DeWitt on Undercover Boss. The climax: he confronts Marissa “a sassy, opinionated server who has found a few problems with the way the managers run the restaurant. She works hard to schmooze with her guests, but doesn’t recognize when she’s crossing the line or acting unprofessional.” She also has nice breasts.

Why did DeWitt feet it was necessary to go under the covers in one of his 50 Twin Peaks restaurants? The answer is: “DeWitt’s entrepreneurial spirit and unique leadership style has led Twin Peaks to phenomenal success, but the brand’s rapid growth also made DeWitt realize the time was right to go undercover and evaluate the concept he created as it graduates into a national chain.”

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  • EKNY

    Srsly? This CEO doesn’t expect his employees to be harassed? The way he runs that place? Sheesh ….

  • Tori Barnard


  • Kris

    Mr Dewitt, I just watched your Under cover Boss program. I am so touched and can sleep a little better at night knowing my daughter is working for a kind and caring person as you are. My daughter started working for you at one of your newest restaurants here in San Angelo, Texas. Thank you for thinking of the safety and well being of your employees. Sincerely, Mrs Lombrana.

  • Guest

    What a step back for women! Scanky place. Don’t ever expect to be taken seriously if you expose yourself in a bar atmosphere. Come on women you are worth more then that

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me that this particular show was a well publicized effort to sell franchises.

  • cat

    Just watched the segment his wife and daughters need to dress up in those skanky outfits and work! What the hell does he expect from customers with the waitresses told to shove every body part intheir face!

  • Ron Moore

    To ceo randy ..good show

  • woman

    Really? These “girls”, who of course are women, wear skimpy suggestive outfits and wonder why they are hit on?` Why are there not men, or “boys”, in speedos and tank tops serving these bottom-feeders. I can’t believe these places still exist in 2013. I will no longer watch this ridiculous show. It caters to the lowest denominator.