• Gipson

    Pleasantly surprised by how many legit grilled cheeses are on this list. Too many restaurants sully the power of a good grilled cheese with too much veg or any meat at all.

    A grilled cheese is bread and cheese. Put X on there, and it becomes X sandwich with cheese.

  • Annette

    Oh man did you miss one on that list! My absolute fav is The Porch’s grilled cheese sandwich.

  • Ann

    I second The Porch!!

  • Charles

    The grilled cheese at The Porch is my absolute go-to when I am craving some alongside a great cup of tomato soup!

  • JW68

    Outpost American Tavern in Oak Cliff has a nice grilled cheese with parmesan, cheddar, gruyere, arugula and fig jam!