Stephan Pyles Restaurant Will Move Into New Craig Hall Arts Center in Downtown Dallas

Stephan Pyles and Craig Hall at the Meyerson Symphony Center (photo by Christine Perez)
Stephan Pyles and Craig Hall at the Meyerson Symphony Center (photo by Christine Perez)

At the Hall Arts Center’s groundbreaking ceremony this morning, which is taking place at the Meyerson Symphony Center right now, Stephan Pyles just announced that he’ll be moving his eponymous restaurant into Craig Hall’s 18-story building that to be built on Flora Street. Construction on the structure begins today in downtown Dallas, and media members are over there trying to get details. D CEO’s managing editor, Christine Perez, sent me an email twenty minutes ago speculating some big restaurant plans after she spotted Stephan Pyles at the event. This tweet from Catherine Cuellar confirms that Pyles does have some big news: He’s moving his restaurant, currently located on Ross Avenue, to the Hall Arts Center in 2015. I wonder what will fill the old Stephan Pyles Restaurant space?

This means two of Pyles’ restaurants—Samar and Stephan Pyles—are/will be undergoing some serious remodeling this year and the next.

[Update: Christine Perez says that the new name of the building will be KPMG Plaza at Hall Arts.]

[Update #2: Christine Perez has more on the story:

The new Stephan Pyles will be smaller than the original. “I have a Texas-style brasserie (Stampede 66) now, so the exciting thing about moving to Craig’s project is that we can down-scale and do a smaller, 90-seat restaurant, and offer a dining experience that you just can’t offer in a 160-seat, plus 40 on the patio restaurant,” Pyles said.

It also will pay tribute to one of his first restaurants—Routh Street Cafe, which was around from 1983-1993. Pyles said he’s often asked if he’ll ever revive the concept. “You can’t recapture that, and I don’t want to,” he said. “But you can pay homage to it, and that’s what I want to do, in terms of design and style. … It will be 30 years this fall, so I think it’s time.”]