Owner of Ten Bells Tavern Verbally Thrashes an Annoying Yelper

Ten Bells' fish and chips (photography by Ariel Gonzalez)
Ten Bells’ fish and chips (photography by Ariel Gonzalez)

We just praised Ten Bells Tavern for its creamy Swiss mac ‘n’ cheese in our September “Comfort Food” issue, but now we’ve gotta hand it to owner Meri Dahlke for her very public and very appropriate thrashing of Mark G. on every restaurateur’s favorite website, Yelp. Gawker saw the news and posted it today for the nation to see.

The rude dude wrote:

I live in Oak Cliff and really wanted to like this place.  But, frankly, it smells.  Maybe if you sit outside you can’t smell the nastiness, but inside is gross.  It smells like it has been there for 50 years and never been clean, but it is a newer place.  Some of the staff look cracked out.  Looks like something you’d find a seedy part of town.  I will avoid this place in the future.  There are plenty of other places in the area to have a better experience.”

I don’t know what Markypants is smoking, but Ten Bells is NOT gross compared to some sketchy little joints I’ve been in. The bathroom’s actually quite clean. And, oddly enough, his review sounds eerily similar to his yelping of Oak Cliff Social Club, which starts off with: “I live in Oak Cliff, and wanted to like this place.  But, I went on a Friday night with friends after dinner.  This place is terrible.  The bartenders have major attitude which does not fit in Oak Cliff…”

(Yo, bro. Maybe you should live in Uptown if you think Oak Cliff sucks?)

Anyway, Dahlke sticks the guy a good one with this sassy response:

Hi Mark G.
Thank you so much for the valuable input. Quick question for you!

Which part made it smell worse? The part where we didn’t serve you any alcohol or the part where you harassed the female staff by exposing your chest hair in lieu of showing your ID? Next time you want a Miller Lite, please bring the appropriate ID that is required when you go to a bar and we’ll gladly serve you.

Thanks for sticking up for your ladies, Dahlke. If there was ever a Hall of Fame for people who don’t take crap from flashers, you’d definitely be in it.


  • MeriTBT

    I think I need to thank Mark G. for all the recent notoriety. Legitimate reviews are one thing, him not telling what really happened (that he had no ID and we would not serve him) is another. Also, I clean those bathrooms myself so thank you for noticing that.

  • louise

    This is such a shame that yelp trolls can give a bad name to a social media outlet that provides such positive information most of the time (I love yelp..have found great places because of it and write my own reviews on it)
    Kudos to the owner for calling them out. I know restaurateurs have enough to do than keep up with yelp posts but maybe this is part of the answer to keep trolls at bay!?

    • Martin Klein

      Absolutely agree.
      I’ve found so many great places through yelp.
      I’m an active helper myself and I use it mostly to let people know about restaurants that do a great job and deserve your patronage.
      Sure there are some idiots who should be called out (I have no problem with this particular case), but I’m sick of the general help bashing it often devolves into.

  • Martin Klein

    Yelp, not help danged

  • Carol Shih

    “Active helper” is a great typo.

  • Monica

    Mark G. gave 5 stars to Supercuts. Now, that is a guy who’s taste and discernment make me want to follow his advice all day long…
    But… I feel a little sorry for Eno’s. While I’m sure every 5 star review is appreciated, do they really want this definition of douchebaggery to endorse them???

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  • Martin Klein

    I guess it could be worse.

  • Heather Hambrick

    Can’t stand the arrogant Yelpers that expect owners to fawn all over them. Yes, there are legit bad experiences and Yelp can provide a forum for honest feedback as such, but there are sadly those that will tank a restaurant for less ethical reasons.

  • allison

    Pakpao did something similar with someone that complained about their meal on yelp and dishes they don’t even make.

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  • Anonymous

    I noted an article just yesterday on Market Watch that 20% of all YELP reviews are bogus. Either competitor putting a place down or the actual firm pumping it up. I always suspected that as it would be human nature but it really takes the fun out of the whole concept. Still it is pretty fun to compliment a restaurant and tell the world it is great or warn unsuspecting prospective diners it is not too good. I always just look at the overall rating from yelp and maybe a little more mature audience with Trip Advisor.

  • Michele DeSalme

    After all that I can’t WAIT to try it!!! 🙂

  • Neveah De Lived

    Mark G sounds like an obnoxious queen. What a giant trolley mog. Gives us all a bad name

  • Scaraboo

    The problem with Yelp is that reviewers are not made accountable for their input. Make the reviewer put down a date of their visit, what they ordered, and where they sat so that management can investigate their complaints and more of this kind of flame reviews will be avoided. But no one seems to want to take responsibility. Great comeback on the owner!

  • ME

    IF THE FLASHING EVEN HAPPENED>..which I don’t think it did. This owner is NOTORIOUS for embellishing the events of the infractions that land them one star reviews. I also live in Oak Cliff and personally will not recommend this place in fact I will go out of my way to avoid this place and make sure people I know will too. There are much better places to spend your money. The owner creates fake profiles under other peoples name to self promote or shame others who leave less than stellar reviews. I know this for a fact I have witnessed it and it is a shameful way to try and promote their business. Disgusted and will not be back. These people can not take what started out to be constructive criticism on how they could improve like not having their patrons wait until their food is stone cold before bringing silverware that has been asked for 3 times… I can’t even tell you how gross the coffee is unless you like sheepherders blend. I had more grounds in my teeth than coffee down my throat. They retort with racist and demeaning comments and I am ashamed they are in our neighborhood. SHAMELESS ENTIRELY show some class and have some dignity really…..stop creating scenarios that didn’t happen to make you look “justified” or whatever you think it makes you look like because from here it makes you look really, REALLY bad