Krys Boyd Addresses Migrant Worker Issues on KERA’s Think

Next time you’re at Kroger or Tom Thumb, scooping up some roma tomatoes, think about the people who picked them. Krys Boyd talked to Seth Holmes, an assistant professor at UC Berkeley, about our country’s farming workforce in yesterday’s episode of Think. Listen to the conversation here. You’d be surprised at how little these people make. It’s depressing.


  • Critic

    This reminds me of the 2004 movie, A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN.
    We certainly need an immigration and farm bill. I sure do not want to pay $10.00 for a head of lettuce

  • rosi

    Thanks to THINK, others are lending credence to something I have been saying for at least 10 years: Each time an American looks down at his/her plate, they should Thank an Immigrant Migrant Worker! Without these folks working these thankless jobs, Americans would not eat. If you don’t believe me, go see who works the fields-nationwide- where all your produce is grown.