Into Shelley’s Belly: The Truck Yard Adds Coolness to Greenville Avenue

Rusty trucks (left); colorful seating (right) photography by Matthew Shelley
Rusty trucks (left); colorful seating (right) photography by Matthew Shelley

It’s happening, witches.* However you pipe the pony, there’s good news for all of you. The Truck Yard is now open and it’s so cool that people visiting Austin will start saying, “This feels like Dallas.” Lower Greenville is blossoming like a case of the chilly-willies after a moonlight mushroom dance with Edgar Cayce. Great restaurants and coffeehouses are getting established all over that place (i.e. Mudsmith, Dallas Beer Kitchen, HG Sply Co., The Blind Butcher, etc). You get it. And now, the mecca of backyard grunge is upon us, and it’s called The Truck Yard. It opened officially this past Saturday at 5624 Sears Street.

The more time you spend at Truck Yard, the more cool stuff you’ll notice. The mattress spring light fixtures, bearded men and women drinking inside old truck beds, an Airstream trailer that’s a bar, and a damn tree house bar overlooking the entire [email protected]$$ layout. There’s room for around 700 people indoor and out. There are Philly cheese steaks in-house, an awesome set of beers, and ready-made craft cocktails. Not to mention, Carnival Barker’s Ice Creams has stationed itself at the front of the joint serving little bowls of dairy goodness. Food trucks will rotate in and out throughout the day and into the evening. What’s not to love? If you go there and don’t see me, it means I’m either stuck on the toilet or someone close to me is giving birth. Seriously, you need to check it out. If you can squeeze past the Trader Joe’s street parking madness, you’ll find plenty of parking and happiness just across the street at the Truck Yard.

Airstream and truckbeds
Airstream and truckbeds
Crazy strawface rapscallion (left); old truck bed seating (right)
Crazy strawface rapscallion (left); old truck bed seating (right)
The Treehouse Bar
The Tree house Bar
Abandon all hopel ye who enter here
All ye who enter here must follow these rules
View from the top
View from the top

*Sorry, this final season of Breaking Bad  is getting to me, and I can’t help interjecting a witch whenever the mood strikes


  • Nora’s Mom

    Hey! Where’s the love for Nora Restaurant and Bar under the “Great restaurants and coffeehouses are getting established” comment? We were the first restaurant to open as part of the revitalization. We love all our great neighbors #NewLowestGreenville!

  • jc1

    and where exactly is it, besides somewhere near trader joes?

    • mateoshelley

      It’s on Sears St. just past Trader Joes on the left (if you’re driving west on Sears from Greenville Ave).

    • Mary Proietti

      across from the TJ’s parking lot.

  • Gabe

    When will the new Snuffers be up and running, on Greenville, where they tore the old one down? Nobody does burgers better than Snuffers.

  • some_ID

    Heck, i’ll swing by just to check out those bearded women drinking inside old truck beds; that sounds great and very Austin-like.

    Joking aside, though, I’m really happy to see lower Greenville activity picking back up! Was dead there for a while, and now stuff’s poppin’ up every other month, seems like… Love HG, and heard something opened up recently in the old Jack’s corner space too.

  • jenara

    D-MAG, your website is awesome!!!!! keep-up the good work

  • Michele DeSalme

    Can’t wait to try it….looks like great fun! And yummy bites!

  • Du-Oh

    Visited this past weekend. Place was packed and loved the trucks that were there. I’m sure they were really slammed! Couple of housekeeping points-loved the ice cream from Carnival Barkers but not having any spoons and getting completely frozen ice cream put a damper on enjoying it until my alcohol kicked in!
    The lower Greenville parking problem is only going to get worse….parking by Trader Joe’s on the street that is marked no parking make it impossible for people to get past on Sears. Gotta have a fix for that!

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  • Andy

    Why no mention of Nora?