Get Your Meat On: Dee Lincoln Steak & Burger Bar Starts Dinner Service on Sept. 12

Benedict burger (left); candied sweet potatoes (right) photography by Claire McCormack
Benedict burger (left); candied sweet potatoes (right) photography by Claire McCormack

Cholesterol scholesterol. All you people trying to lose your tire bellies better start ignoring me now. I’m about to talk about all your favorite red meats. Mmmm.

Dee Lincoln, the woman behind Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse and the Tasting Room & Bubble Bar, is giving Dallas people exactly what they want: a menu that has a strong selection of burgers and steaks. According to the press release for Dee Lincoln Steak and Burger Bar, “Executive Chef Juliard Ishizuka’s menu includes core starters with a creative approach, 8-10 unique burgers, three cuts of steaks, daily blackboard features of a butchers cut and fresh catch of the day, 100 wines under $100 (which will include a small selection of the best available in Texas), local beer and a craft cocktail program showcasing Texas spirits.”

The restaurant opens inside the old JoJo space at 2626 Howell St. on Thursday, September 12 for dinner. Lunch service begins on Monday, September 16.

And, lucky for some of us, Ishizuka hasn’t created a complete heart-attack menu. He’s offering some healthy options, too, like this wedge salad pictured below the jump.

Wedge salad
Miso eggplant wedges
Miso eggplant wedges
The tomahawk. Looks good, doesn't it?
The tomahawk. Looks good, doesn’t it?




  • Hungry Guy

    Sounds like a yummy menu, but it will fail in it’s current state. The location does not warrant that price point. Look what works around in that area – this is too much and will ultimately fail. This part of Uptown is pedestrian friendly and not the ‘valet crowd”.

  • Darren

    Entire menu way too overpriced. Dee, you cannot take the steakhouse mentality to all markets/locations. If Mooyah couldn’t make it with an $8-10 burger, what makes you think you can do it at $12-15?

    I give it until February.

  • Big burger guy

    Go look all over town and a quality burger made with quality products will run you $12-$15. With your mentality why would you go pay $8 for pho when you can go buy ramen noodles for .25? I am personally very excited about this new restaurant. We need a good quality restaurant in the neighborhood. Nick and SAMs grill has gone way down hill and I am ready to find my next to to casual dining spot.

  • primi timpano

    Bullshit. OKS disproves your point, as does Hopdoddy. The tomatoes on that wedge look like they are barely fit for a 3 hour marinara. I wish her luck.

  • Marcus Cady

    I miss Tin Star.