• DGirl

    Thanks to Sidedishers who recommended Taj Express on Lemmon. It is all that – great, fresh food and a really reasonable price. Dinner and lunch at Village Kitchen. Two words – Pou-tine. There have been several conversations over the years on SideDish about where to find real Poutine in Dallas. Well, it’s at Village Kitchen. Andre Natera spent a few years in Vancouver and now offers crinkle cut fries top with cheese curds, brown gravy then with a Gruyere sauce. Damn, it’s so, so good. The roast chicken on a bed of quinoa is also outstanding as is the smoked beet salad. I like Village Kitchen more than Houstons – not sure how it compares price wise but the menu is more varied, it’s not as loud and (so far) there’s been no wait for a table.

  • primi timpano

    This week’s treat was Al Biernat’s. excellent food and service, though I did not care for the duck and rabbit sausage: not much flavor and the sauce’s sweetness would have made the sausage worse. Al’s seafood salad and wedge were great. Thank you, Al.

    Also had a light dinner at Parigi’s. Cesar salad with shrimp. They always do a delectable job with those shrimp. Only thing wrong was a drunk guy at the table for lots next to us; shouted loud enough even Eatzi’ s complained.

  • TheGuy

    It was just after they had opened that I first visited Pecan Lodge. The buzz was good (the media’s, not mine), so being a member of the “10,000 Mile BBQ Club,” I figured I’d give ’em a shot. Nice guy running the show, absolutely no line, and very, very ordinary BBQ. I was of the opinion that, given the location and the averageness of the food, it had short term prospects.

    Just finished my lunch there today. About a 45-minute wait with fellow bbq freaks and the hypnotized masses. The brisket was truly phenomenal; worthy of all the recent accolades. Completely melt-in-your-mouth. The fried chicken was very good as well…crunchy and juicy, not overly spicy, not greasy in the least. They forgot to include my cole slaw, so I can’t comment on that. I’ll have the ribs tonight. The peach cobbler was kind of strange; gloopy looking but tasty with quite a bit of (I believe) molasses. You’ll want ice cream on it.

    Conclusion….visit a place twice. It may change your life. Pecan Lodge did. Nice work, guys.

  • DGirl

    The Village Kitchen has Poutine! There have been several threads over the years about where you can find it so now Dallas has real Poutine – Canadian dish of crinkle cut friends, cheese curds, brown gravy and, in this case, gruyere cheese. Seriously delish. the roasted chicken is also very good there. Thanks for the recommendation on Taj Express, Sidedishers. So good!!

  • ldascha

    We made our first trip to Nazca, the south american restaurant on Walnut Hill between 75 and Greenville. The menu was a delight, we tried the roasted red pepper and cheese dip with pita chips appetizer, and the fish tacos, with a splendid bread pudding dessert. All of the menu selections are fresh, inventive, and healthy. Also offers vegan alternatives. Small wine and beer selection. We had a great time, very friendly, informative service, and we highly recommend.

  • Shelley

    We enjoyed the Oceanic Dinner at Nonna last Friday night. What a treat! We had Kumamoto, Sweet Petite and Miyagi oysters. Best I’ve had in Big D. The pasta with lobster and burrata was great. It’s unusual for Nonna to pair a pasta with a cheese, but this one hit it out of the park. We ordered the bycatch for dinner–Friday night was triggerfish roasted with olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, etc. (I think), and it was awesome. The icing on the cake was the Italian red–specially ordered for the menu by the sommelier. Reasonably priced and so perfect we want a case for ourselves.

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