Fast N’ Loud Star Richard Rawlings Opens Gas Monkey Bar ‘N Grill

Owner Richard Rawlings (left); smoked brisket for 15 hours (right) photography by Leah Clausen
Owner Richard Rawlings (left); smoked brisket for 15 hours (right) photography by Leah Clausen

You know Richard Rawlings. He’s the guy who hosts that [email protected]$$ car show, Fast N’ Loud, on the Discovery Channel. He’s the guy who once wore a teeny tiny G-string and called it the photo from “internet hell” when Tim Rogers interviewed him for our September issue. Tats, a tan, and skull rings—you name it, he’s got it. Now he even owns this wooly mammoth-sized restaurant on 10261 Technology Boulevard E in Dallas. The patio is bigger than the indoor dining area.

Gas Monkey Bar ‘N Grill is Fort Worth native Richard Rawlings’ 19,000-square-foot venue for eating, drinking, and listening to live music. “We want to be the premier live music and dining destination in Dallas, and I feel like we’re on the way there,” says the head Gas Monkey.

Three cheese truffled mac 'n' cheese (left); Chef David Hollister (right)
Three cheese truffled mac ‘n’ cheese (left); Chef David Hollister (right)
Steak Fries with Parsley and Smoked Salt
Steak Fries with Parsley and Smoked Salt

Gas Monkey Bar ‘N Grill, named after Gas Monkey Garage (where Fast ‘N Loud is based), offers all the kinds of greasy food you would expect. At the media lunch on Tuesday, we tasted three-cheese truffled mac ‘n’ cheese, fried green beans, and smoked brisket that took 15 hours to make. All of it tasted like something you’d want to eat after working on your car all afternoon long. (Not that I would know.) But still. It’s not food for the faint of health.

Smoked Brisket and Fried Green Beans
Smoked Brisket and Fried Green Beans
A view of the stage
A view of the stage

When someone asked what kind of music they’d play at the restaurant, Rawlings answered, “We’re going more for an opera-type thing.”

What they’ll really be doing is hosting top-notch national talent, according to GM Alex Mendonsa. The Old ’97s will be rocking out on Saturday, September 21. Hank the Third is fixing to play in October, and the Misfits will be here in November.

“We’ll be featuring the restaurant in the show,” says Rawlings. “The trials and tribulations of making it happen.. and it is possible we could have a spin-off.”

Right now, the restaurant is only open from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Starting September 23, lunch starts at 11 a.m.

Grilled Banana Split
Grilled Banana Split


  • Danny Henderson

    I like beer is it affordable. Do you have biker parking.

  • Greg Brown

    My first thought is: Will this be just like his show? Lot’s of bling and talk but in the back slopping things in and out as quick as possible to turn a fast buck? Looking forward to a good review. Hoping it doesn’t turn out to be another Guy Fieri American Kitchen & Bar.

  • Andy S

    Is that really brisket next to the green beans in the picture in the article? It definitely looks like a beef short rib, but that wasnt described anywhere in the article. Curious how well that was executed because it looks delicious.

  • Sean Thomas

    I’m confused about the hours of operation? It reads that the restaurant will only be open between the hours of 4 PM to 2 AM yet in the next sentence it reads that lunch kicks off at 11 AM? You see the descrepency here?

  • joeat

    If you go, ask for Melonie – a great server.

  • Fred Walker

    The brisket is in the bowl next to the picture of RR

  • Fred Walker

    Right now hours are 4 – 2. Starting 9/23 will be open for lunch

  • Cindy Black

    Coming into town Thursday and definitely going to check this place out! Cannot wait!

  • Jill Bailey

    Richards Smile….:) Yep

  • Jill Bailey

    Richards Smile….:)

  • Gabe

    At dinner the ribs and fries were excellent, good flavor and seasonings.

  • Jenny

    Just had dinner there and the food was great. Richard stopped in and I was lucky enough to shake his hand.
    What an awesome night for a Minnesota Girl while in Dallas TX!

  • lsanders

    They’re food is crazy good, especially if you like brisket. This is the place to be.

  • Dominick Jones

    I am going to jump in my 450 horse mustang convertible and drive to Dallas from the crazy city of Detroit and get some of that Monkey food! Your a cool dude Richard. Much love from Detroit.

  • Dominick Jones

    Hey Richard Rawlings .. I think I will jump in my 450 horsepower Mustang Convertible and drive to Dallas for a slab of ribs at GAS MONKEY GRILL. Much love from Detroit need I say any more?? . You da Man Richard.. Love the show so I know the food is good too. Did you say cold beer?

  • Sissy

    Liked the brisket, the cold beer, and the manager, Jena.

  • Tammy Allesandro Kramer

    Coming tomorrow night can’t wait yall Rock!

  • Tammy Allesandro Kramer


  • bravo

    it looks like the bar that was in porky the movie

  • slickrick

    Hey yall did a really job on the bar n grill. Its sweet. Im out of a small town in alabama. I wish I meet yall. Yall doing a great job on the rides they are sweet rides

  • Garrett Shea

    Ready to get my eat on

  • Garrett Shea

    Ready to get my eat on 1 day till we get to austin texas

  • Michael Tessnear


  • tyman1972

    How do you get to order some t shirt thanks

  • the painter’s

    Mike from New York love your show best of luck with your new bar and grill I want to do some advertising for you I’ll pay for the shirts shipping and handling with my Capital One card need one shop shirt 1 Bar and Grill shirt please call me 718 6:06 1884 money is money brother wish you the best call me

  • Bill C

    Awesome place ,food and personal

  • Karen Pounds Dillard

    We were there yesterday with the North Texas Muscle Car Club and we had a great time and the food was fantastic. Thank you so much we are looking forward to coming back. Lynn and Karen Dillard

  • Chele Chele

    Como quiero ir a joder aqui

  • Doug

    The next time I go to Dallas to visit family I will visit the Gas Monkey Bar ‘N Grill too. Menu looks deliciously rewarding.

  • Kay

    Gabby our waiter was great , the food was awesome and the atmosphere was great will go back

  • Andy Anderson

    Best show on tv

  • Stryoguy

    Chef Paul Willis created the whole dang thang, and got gutted like a fish on the bank of corporate America, well I know who made it happen , and if you dont , you can kiss a good mans ass

  • Jill Weston

    I have a burger richard may b interested in. I have a whole crowd here wantin more of it.

  • Kathy Shaw

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    renovated autobody shop. I will move there if things work me if u have any other renovated shops. Rather then wait call me I have many yes exp n magic hands 941-565-8562 my name is briant radu