Eat Up, Y’all: Our Guide to New Fried Foods at the State Fair of Texas 2013

Fried grilled cheese at TX State Fair (photo by Carol Shih)
Fried grilled cheese sandwich. From The Dock. (photo by Carol Shih)

Good day to all you friedaholics. Ready to binge?

Tomorrow, my little friends and enemies, is the first day of the State Fair of Texas. If you didn’t know this already, you need to get your arteries checked. Make sure they’re squeaky clean before you fill them with grease, grease, and more grease! If you skip out on all the amazing fried goodness that’s new at the State Fair this year, you can’t call yourself a proper Texan. ‘CAUSE WE ON THE TEXAS DIET, SON.


We eat fried buffalo for breakfast, fried sheriffs for lunch, and fried rattlesnakes for dinner.

Jump for the love of your expanding gut.


Deep Fried Cuban Roll (Big Tex “Best Taste” winner)– Really good pork shoulder and ham and Swiss cheese fried together. You want this.

Fried Thanksgiving Dinner (Big Tex “Most Creative” winner) – A ball of house-made stuffing and diced turkey, then dipped into southern creamed corn and rolled with corn meal. Fried and served with brown gravy. (Justin and Rudy Martinez)

Deep Fried Elote – Corn, queso fresco, and salsa is mixed into this one-bite wonder. Spicy cream sauce is drizzled over the top. Find this at the Tower Building. (Location: TB-14F).

Deep  Fried BBQ Wontons – Who likes Panda Express’ fried wontons? These come with hickory smoked pulled pork or chopped brisket instead. Find this inside Cotton Bowl Plaza (CBP-15F) and on the Funway (FW-37F).

Loaded Avocado Crispy Fries – I’m in a huge avocado craze, so there’s no way these fries could go wrong. Fresh avocado slices are breaded and fried until crispy. Remember when The Commissary in One Arts Plaza had avocado fries? Those were the days, eh? These are loaded up with Monterey Jack chese, queso, bacon crumbles, cilantro, and jalapeno slices on top. Find these at the Funway (FW-46F) and in Cotton Bowl Plaza (CBP-19F).


Fernie's King Ranch Casserole (photo by Jake Medina)
Fernie’s King Ranch Casserole (photo by Jake Medina)

Fernie’s Deep Fried King Ranch Casserole (Big Tex finalist) – Looks like the fried version of Texas. 

Spinach Dip Bites (Big Tex finalist) – Deep-fried creamy spinach artichoke dip. Interesting.

Southern Style Chicken-Fried Meatloaf (Big Tex finalist) – MEATLOAF AND MASHED POTATOES, MEATLOAF AND MASHED POTATOES. I have nothing else to say.

Texas Fried Fireball (Big Tex finalist) – Basically a pimento cheese+bacon ball. Not too shabby.

Deep Fried Creole Boulette – This sauteed tilapia fish ball has a secret mix inside, then it’s dipped in egg wash, and deep-fried. Comes with a green onion aioli sauce. Find this at Grand Avenue (G-4F).

Pig Toes on a Stick – Tator tots wrapped in smoked bacon and a slice of jalapeno are fried. Eat ’em plain or with a chili cheese dipping sauce. Find these inside the Cotton Bowl Plaza (CBP-16F) and on MLK Jr., Blvd. ( MLK-26F).

Deep-Fried Shrimp and Grits – A taste of the South can be found in this fried goodness. Grits, fresh herbs, cheese, and Cajun shrimp are mixed together and deep-fried. Find this in the Tower Building (TB-9F).

Deep Fried Spaghetti and Meatball – Take everything that is lovable about this childhood classic (pasta, tomato suace, and fresh mozz) and fry it inside a cheddar bay biscuit. Find this inside the Tower Building ( TB-9F) and near Gate G on MLK Jr., Blvd. (MLK-28F).


Nutella, nutella, nutella (photo by Jake Medina)
Nutella, nutella, nutella (photo by Jake Medina)

Golden Fried Millionaire Pie (Big Tex finalist) – Feel like a million bucks with this cream cheese-pineapple-and Texas pecan creation.You’ll turn into Bill Gates right after.

Awesome Deep Fried Nutella® (Big Tex finalist) Ummm, yeah. I would probably punch 30 people for one of these right now, if that’s what it’d take.


Deep Fried Chocolate Chip Burrito – Imagine a flour tortilla wrapped around chocolate chip cookie dough, then fried. Yep, that’s what this is. This comes with chocolate or strawberry drizzle and whipped cream. Find it at the Midway (M-23F0 and Nimitz Drive (N-17F).

Spicy Spam Empanadas – If you love Monty Python’s spam video, you’ll love this empanada filled with shredded spam, potatoes, bacon, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, onions, red and green peppers, jalapeno and chipotle peppers, and spices. Find it near the Front Gate (FG-4F).


The Beast Burrito – This ginormous burrito (wrapped inside a 14-inch flour tortilla) has Angus burger meat, beans, rice, onions, tomatoes, and a lot of other good stuff. Comes with chili, chipotle, or green sauce. Find it at the Coliseum Drive (C3-F).

Fried Shrimp & Cheese Jalapeno – Just a normal stuff jalapeno pepper with shrimp and cream cheese. Find it at the Coliseum Drive (C-2F).




Scrumbscious Pie Shakes – Basically a milkshake made with real pie! Tower Building (TB-26F)

Fried Collard Greens – Healthy stuff turned into bad stuff! Fun Way St. (FW-25F)

Beckett’s Cake Balls – Deep-fried donut holes! Fun Way St. (FW-31F)

Maui Wowi Smoothies –(Not fried) smoothies! Grand Ave next to Belgian Waffle Stand (G-43F)

Main Stage Sports Bar ­– Where you can watch sports and listen to music! Located next to the Silverado Main Stage and features a covered outside patio facing the main stage.

Highland Park Soda Fountain – Normal sandwiches and sodas! Tower Building (TB-13F)


  • Jim Rossman

    Need locations on “The Sweet” winners in your post please…

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  • NuttyTella

    What a great post. I am printing it out right now! Thanks for this.

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  • Michael Fahrenbrook

    Where can I find the Texas Fried Fireball!?!?! please help!

    • Marcella Rodriguez

      In the tower building…. the booth is called Benavidez

  • Grant Krieger

    The Golden Fried Millionaire Pie is sold at all seven Bert Concession locations.

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  • Peter Kurilecz

    great list. could you do it as a pdf and post it for download? would make a handy guide for those who want to eat their way around the fair

    • Carol Shih

      We just added the pdf, Peter. Thanks for the idea!

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  • Liam

    Cuban – not so much…pork was good but soggy. Saturated in grease. Thanksgiving Dinner was good. King Ranch Chicken casserole – should have won top spot in my book……….was amazing!

    Nutella – class of it’s own anyways! I’d steal it from the guy as he is punching his way through the crowd.

  • Cynthia Bain

    Mary of Puddin Hill is at the State Fair for the first time ever!!! Go and try all of their treats…especially their Praline Pecan Pie, Texas Snowballs, Jalapeno and Habanero Peanut Brittle…If you go by their booth you’ll get discount coupons as well!!

  • Cynthia Bain

    Mary of Puddin Hill is at the State Fair for the first time ever. Go by their booth and try all their products, but especially their Praline Pecan Pie, Texas Snowballs, Jalapeno and Habnero Peanut Brittle. You also can get discount coupons!!!!

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  • Jessica Weeks

    These fried foods kinda make me sick to my stomach just reading about them! Apparently you can just fry anything!

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  • Wassup!

    I can’t wait to try these foods when I go today!

  • Wassup!

    Lol right I think some foods shouldn’t be deep fried

  • gregg

    I wish our SC fair had the diversity of food

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  • Tommy Junior

    Finally!.. the internet is so full of health foods and turds talking bad about anything to do with good, old fashioned grease. Screw all those butternuts, Im from Texas. In the spirit of Goliad, I face the loosing battle and shout; ‘Come And Take It!’. True Texans understand the meaning. There is history in food. And I believe in tradition. These guys say, “eat tofu. Its healthy and will make you live longer.”. Well to hell with that! I would rather eat unhealthy foods that are full of Texas flavors. Besides, hard working Texans dont worry about getting fat. We need the extra energy for the labors we endure. Keep all that health crap away from Texas. You know what you call it when someone else forces you to live the way they think is best??- You call that an oppression… And Texas sure aint no stranger to that.

    Bottom line. Keep yer paws off my food.