Eat This Now: The Festive Kitchen’s Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwich

Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich with chocolate ice cream (photography by Carol Shih)
Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich with chocolate ice cream (photography by Carol Shih)

Now that we’re starting to sniff pumpkin-everything at the tips of our noses, it only makes sense to make as much of summer as we can. End summer 2013 with a bang. You know, eat an ice cream sandwich or two. Or three. Or four.

The Festive Kitchen is this amazing little shop in Snider Plaza (across from Bubba’s) that kinda sorta looks like it’s closed from the outside. Walk straight in and you’ll find people in the back, rolling out dough and busily making everything you see on the shelves. One manager described the Festive Kitchen as a store with catered food so people throwing parties wouldn’t have the hassle of dealing with a caterer. I dig it.

There are cheeses and crackers and all sorts of large-gathering-foods lying around this local shop. In the freezer section, I found ice cream sandwiches. A pack of four (for about $8) includes one red velvet sandwich, two chocolate chips, and one snickerdoodle with chocolate ice cream in the middle. Oh lawdy. That snickerdoodle one is melt-in-your-mouth good. The cookie is fluffy and cinnamony and when you bite through it, your teeth sink right into the chocolate ice cream goodness.

Not bad at all for $2. Not bad at all.


  • joeat

    Have never had anything from Festive Kitchen that wasn’t outstanding. A great find.

    • Carol Shih

      Couldn’t agree more. I had to drag myself out of that place. I didn’t want to leave.

  • MCB08

    Their chocolate chip cookies are the best I’ve had in Dallas.