DFW Restaurant Week 2013 Server of the Week: Jason Montemayor From Stampede 66

photo (25)To close out the season, we’re proud to announce our Server of the Week: Jason Montemayor of Stampede 66. SideDish reader, JT, sends this report.

We enjoyed the service at Stampede 66 and Jason. He always had a great smile, was very helpful with any extras that we requested, and was very educated and generous with the added details of the menu selections.

Way to go. The fat lady is singing and it’s time to get back to business as usual. Thank you all for supporting your local restaurants, servers, and charities.


  • Richard Chamberlain

    Nancy, Here is a nice letter from a guest of ours tonight at Chamberlains Fish Market Grill to our GM Mark Gilsdorf.

    Dear Mark,
    My name is Garrett Montgomery and we met earlier this evening while my Grandparents, Fiancee and myself were enjoying dinner at your restaurant. I would like to first extend a huge thank you for your hospitality and just acknowledge some of the great things that took place during our visit tonight. First as we were being seated a gentlemen named Zeb took notice of the assistance that my Grandmother needed, while not our waiter, he looked out as we got my grandmother comfortable and made sure we did not need any help, Very professional! Our waitress Paige took excellent care of us during our meal, which was a special meal being that it was my Grandfathers 81st birthday. The pace of our meal was perfect, pre-bussing outstanding and most importantly, she was remarkably respectful. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was this; nearing the end of our meal my Grandmother was becoming very tired (paige had already taken our dessert order, and she was busy with greeting a 5 top she had just been sat with) and I wanted to get her a cup of coffee. Zeb happened to walk by and I stopped him, yet again not being our waiter, I asked him if he could please swing a coffee out and without hesitation, he brought coffee, cream and sugar. He even came by while we were eating our dessert and brought fresh cream and offered a refill on her coffee. You even came by our table to wish my Grandfather a happy birthday, which delighted him very much. After our meal, Paige and one of your hosts held the doors open for my Grandmother, yet again another class act. Kevin, the waiter that took care of me last week even came by to say hello, outstanding. I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful and perfect dinning experience that was provided for my family. Already being our favorite restaurant it is difficult to have anyone exceed what your staff already does every time we dine there, however, tonight they did and I applaud you and all of your staff. 10 out of 10, 5 Stars, 100% perfect service. I cannot wait to return to enjoy yet again another perfect meal.

    Sincerely your friend,

    Garrett Montgomery