Al’s Pizzeria Returns to Village at Bachman Lake in Dallas

Als Coming Soon photoI hope my former neighbors in Midway Hollow (“A Treasure to Keep”) will rejoice in the news: Al’s Pizzeria is re-opening. Look out, Jay Jerrier, Al’s Pizzeria, is known for its authentic New York-style pizza and could cause Zoli’s to shed a few unicorn tears. Owner Medo Pjetrovic has leased a 1,785 square-foot space in a new building under construction in the 400,000-square-foot Village at Bachman Lake at the northwest corner of Northwest Highway and Marsh Lane. The popular pizza joint opened in 1974 and closed in September 2011. Look for the doors to open “in the fall.”


  • Cap Guy

    Brings back great memories!!!!!!!! We will have a family dinner as soon as they crank it back up!!!

  • twinwillow

    I remember enjoying the best pizza this side of New York when they first opened. And for this ex-New Yewka then only eleven years removed, it was a dream turned into reality.

  • TheGuy

    I remember the days when all I could afford for lunch was a piece of Al’s Pizza and a coke. It was always great, and one slice of Al’s will fill you up. Good to have them back.

  • Cbass

    Pumped to go have a slice or 10!

  • AL long time pizza eater

    Hungry just reading this

  • Charles McGarry

    Al’s was, hands down, the best pizza in Dallas. I hope they can recreate the magic!

  • Diane Johnson

    Welcome back can’t wait until they open.Good pizza

  • Diane Johnson

    Welcome back really have missed them. Great Pizza and service.

  • Calzone Stromboli

    Go get your pizza! Al’s is open now!

  • David

    Can’t wait. Welcome back, Al’s!!

    Been coming withmy family there since 1975 and have missed it since 2011.

  • Bob Childress

    My prayers have been answered

  • Francisco

    Don’t forget… Al’s Pretzzaria had (2 stars) overall rating before it was closed. People complained of the funky stench of the whole place, the place was filthy as can be. When a dining room is like that you shouldn’t expect the food to be any better. They used cheap cheese, you’ll feel like you’re eating melted candlestick wax.

  • NY Pizza Pasta and Calzones

    I went to Al’s on the first day it reopened, and… Yuck!!! is all I can say. This place is dead just like it was before they closed. What I wanna know is, why reopen if you’re gonna serve yucky food?