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Addison Oktoberfest Brings Bier, Brats, and Joy to North Texas

Lederhosen (left); Jake's funnel cake (right) photography by Leah Clausen
Lederhosen (left); Jake’s funnel cake (right) photography by Leah Clausen

This weekend was an Oktoberfest miracle. After a day of rainy clouds, sunshine burst and an autumn breeze swept through Addison. It was as if God himself had peered into our little corner of the world and declared, “Das ist gut.”

Even though I missed the lederhosen memo, there were enough people donning the German-wear that I felt like I was going to be okay with missing that one. I did feel a little left out, but not enough to miss all the fun.

Yes, the tiny shorts, the elderly man blowing into alphorn, and cute dachshunds with their funny little legs were all well and good. But that’s not why I came. I was here for the festival fare.

Helmut's Strudel - Soft Pretzel
Helmut’s Strudel – Soft Pretzel
Wearing Oktoberfest gear
Elderly gentleman blowing into his alphorn (left); Oktoberfest gear (right)

The pulled pork sandwich I had was great. I ate it with a little relish but it could have done without. Pulled pork has a tendency to dry up, leaving just a chewy pile of pig. But this stuff was tender and juicy. Even the pizza from Fischer’s Kettle Korn, awkwardly shoehorned with ample amounts of sauerkraut and bratwurst, was pretty good. (Who knew sauerkraut was so versatile?) Texas Pit Stop’s wild game had already been sold out by the time I reached the tent, which meant no smoke elk jalapeno cheddar or wild boar bratwurst for me. I wish I had seen the onion pie sooner; by the time I had made my way over to it, I couldn’t walk straight with all of the German cuisine nestled in my gut.

Oktoberfest’s beer backer, Paulaner, brought their light and dark ales for guests to enjoy in big, ceramic steins. I wish someone had told me before coming that steins with beverages in them are heavy. I had to take “stein” breaks and sit down in the grass so I could regain my forearm strength. Incessantly, I pushed on to enjoy all there was to enjoy at the Addison Oktoberfest.

As the last day of the festival wrapped up, the lovely guests departed from the grounds, laughing deeply, their bellies full of joy. As I took one last ride on the Ferris wheel, I too had a hearty chuckle, feeling a little more German and a lot less hungry. Prost, y’all.

Oktoberfest Ceramic Souvenir Stein with Paulaner Original Munich Premium Lager, Oktoberfest Marzen or Hefe-weizen
Oktoberfest Ceramic Souvenir Stein with Paulaner Original Munich Premium Lager, Oktoberfest Marzen or Hefeweizen
Helmut's Strudel - Apple Strudel with Powder Suger
Helmut’s apple strudel with powdered sugar
Marriott Quorum's smoked pull pork sandwich
Marriott Quorum’s smoked pull pork sandwiches

Jake Austin Medina is a D Magazine intern. His stomach is accepting of all cultures and ethnicities.