Voting for 10 Most Beautiful Women Starts Today

Look at this cuteness!  (photography by Kristi and Scott Redman)
Look at this cuteness! (photography by Kristi and Scott Redman)

My cube partner/ShopTalk editor, Raya Ramsey, has been working her hiney off for 10 Most Beautiful Women. And it’s paid off. This year, the batch of pretty ladies is mind-blowing. They’re all beautiful and intelligent and interesting. I wish I were exaggerating, but I’m not. They’ve all made me reevaluate the meaning of life. Vote for your favorites every week, starting today. You can vote once a day, but you can also vote from your phone, computer, iPad, etc. Get your money’s worth from all those Apple products and use them. Kthx.

On a special note: We’ve included Tiffanee Siri Ellman in our roundup this year. Ellman is the co-owner of Oak, our 2012 Best New Restaurant of the Year, and she’s also one of the warmest restaurant owners I’ve ever met. You should vote for her. In fact, you should do it every day this week. Why? That million-dollar, killer-watt smile is enough to reel you in.

Vote here.


  • Tiffanee Siri Ellman

    Oh my stars I just saw this! Carol, you are the nicest, sweetest person on the planet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! 🙂

  • primi timpano

    On my iPhone there are only 5 contestants.