Trader Joe’s Opens on Greenville Avenue Today

Speculoos Cookie Butter
Speculoos Cookie Butter

Stop what you’re doing, because whatever you’re doing — saving lives, even — isn’t nearly as important as the fact that Trader Joe’s on Greenville Avenue is opening at 8 a.m. this morning.

Yes, friends. Dallas has a Trader Joe’s now. We already have a TJ’s in Fort Worth and Plano, but this is the first one in the city of Dallas. This means:

  • more cookie butter for you
  • more cookie butter for me
  • Two-Buck Chucks
  • an awesome selection of hummus!
  • cats cookies
  • Gummy Tummies
  • the best kettle popcorn I’ve ever tasted from a bag
  • the greatest frozen turkey meatballs
  • and etcetera

I know. It’s a lifechanger. Get ready to pack on a few pounds after your first trip to TJ’s.


  • Marcus

    After visting one in Napa a few years ago I walked away un-impressed, kind of similar to the arrival of In-N-Out.

    And Dallas already has 4 TJ’s. Two that sell fish and two that sell tacos. I’ll be at those two a lot more than the third TJ I assume.

  • u4ea50

    I loved Trader joe’s in San Francisco. Glad to finally have one close enough to me in Dallas!

  • Brad Schweig

    I dont get it. I go occasionally in Plano and they have some good products, but I have found the quality to be not so great on produce, fresh meat, and fresh bakery items. I do like finding the odd treats like cookie butter, but its not a place I can do any sort of regular grocery shopping at.

  • guest