Souvenir From the Past

photo (8)The offices at D Magazine are in complete turmoil. We are changing the seating arrangement and everyone is cleaning out their desks. I was going through some old boxes and look what I found. Do you remember this? Memories of the good old days. You know, the “Thanks, Tristan” days.


  • MikeHiller

    Ahhhh, I remember that. Kept one in my car. It’s the magic door pass for Sense.

  • Primi timpano

    The Tristan and Heloise good old days?

  • Tommy DeAlano

    LOL! We had a guest use one at the door at candleroom last weekend….
    It was great catching up with him and his wife’s exploits since the Sense days.

  • Elizabeth Bair

    Good old Sense. I remember my first time there was in college after a western-themed sorority party. I had my cowboy hat, denim dress and boots on and quickly learned that was not appropriate Sense attire.