Scott Romano Appointed Executive Chef at The Frisco Gun Club

scottScott Romano, who has worked alongside Wolfgang Puck and Charlie Palmer, is now the executive chef at The Frisco Gun Club. Romano left his post at Charlie Palmer at the Joule last year and bounced around to Spread Eagle Saloon and Nick & Sam’s Grill in Park Cities. What is The Frisco Gun Club?

The Frisco Gun Club (6565 Eldorado Parkway) will be the nation’s largest indoor luxury gun range, complete with lavish private restaurant, bar and cigar lounge for VIP Club members.  Truly a unique experience, the Club will offer public and private access to its 40 indoor gun ranges including four 100-yard rifle lanes.  In addition, there will be a 100 person training room, on-site gunsmith and gun vault, a 7,000 square foot retail showroom, and a casual café open to the public, which will also be operated by Romano.  Set in the heart of one of the fastest growing areas in the country, the Frisco Gun Club will couple the luxury and private service of a country club with the amenities of a fully-staffed gun range.

Interesting concept. Opening tentatively set for early to mid-October. Wonder if it’s BYOG?

UPPITY DATE: Tre Wilcox just tweeted Tre Wilcox ‏@TreWilcox3m Congrats! It’s a BIG money paying gig, I passed on it!


  • Glenn Campbell

    Stay classy Tre Wilcox.

    (aka perhaps the most over-rated, uninspired chef in the history of DFW)

    • Server

      I agree with Glenn

    • Greg Brown

      Wow Tre. Long time admirer here, but that comment is so self serving and irrelevant. I thought you were better than that.

    • cbs

      what Glenn said x100. Best of luck Scott…not sure if I will ever get to experience this one. Plus, I can’t get Beverly Hills Cop II out of my mind every time this place gets mentioned.

  • Uptown chef

    Congrats Chef Scott, taking over the city one dish at a time…

  • Sarah

    Congratulations Scott!

  • Karl

    I’ve always taken a pass on Tre when given the opportunity. What a complete dick. Guess it makes him feel relevant. Scott’s a great guy and a top-notch chef. Looking forward to some great Sunday football chow at the OEP.

  • Fo Reelz

    Raise your hand if you are embarrassed for Tre Wilcox.

  • tatersalad

    another one bites the dust over in nick and sam’s land. was scott even there for a year? can’t say i blame him… i wouldn’t want to be associated with the food at look either.