Reader Reviews: DFW Restaurant Week 2013

DFW-restaurant-weekPeople, it’s  day THREE of DFW Restaurant Week 2013. We are waiting for your pictures and reports. Tell us the good, bad, and the ugly. We also want pictures of great servers. If you have a wonderful service experience, ask for the servers name and snap a photo and email them to me. We will honor them  each Friday.

Many restaurants still have dinner reservations and some are doing prix fixe lunch specials. Here’s the list. Go out and support our local restaurants. Your dollars will help the North Texas Food Bank and the Lena Pope Home. Remember to tip your server. We’ll fill cyberspace with food: tweet us (@DSideDish) reviews and we’ll retweet them. It’s too hot to think so LET’S EAT.


  • 20 percenter

    Ill give in my own time and my own way. I would never stoop to embarrass myself dining over my budget and making hard working people work for 1/2 price for me to enjoy a good restaurant I couldn’t normally afford to go to. Also, loads of these diners NEVER patronize these establishments normally. I also believe mother Teresa wasn’t so nice.

    • primi timpano

      Well said.

  • Greg Brown

    We went to the Silver Fox Steak House in Richardson last Friday. It was for a family occasion and reservations were made by another family member not knowing (or caring) that it was restaurant week. We were naturally looking at and commenting on the RW menus given to us when the waiter came up and stated that we were obviously here for restaurant week, but that they had other menu items, too. Thanks for inaccurately reading our minds, lady. We ultimately went about 50/50 RW and regular menu. It was a completely forgettable experience. Nothing bad, but nothing really that good, either. My wife’s nicely seared scallops are about all that I remember. We had been there two years ago and it has definitely declined in quality since then. The fact that it was about half empty on a Friday night certainly shows their declining support.

    This is my biggest gripe about RW: unless you are a regular, many wait staff assume you are just some schmo looking for a cheap meal. I don’t think the kitchen thinks much higher of you, either. I can honestly say that I have never been back to a restaurant that treated me as a cut-rate tourist during RW. Oh, and I have no plans to return to the Silver Fox.

  • matthewmaj

    Well even though “20 percenter” has set the bar for comments pretty high, I guess I’ll weigh in.
    Went to Hibiscus last night, partly prompted by the recent rave review on DMN, but mainly because I’ve driven by that place a million times and always wanted to try it.
    Each course was great, went with the crab dip appetizer to share, I had the salmon and my wife the roasted chicken with the mac and cheese side dish to share. Everything was pretty simple and straight forward, but very well executed. The portions were definitely not down-sized for restaurant week in my opinion, there was plenty and I’ve got a healthy appetite. We had a bottle of Malbec that was on special for restaurant week which was nice and another good value. And the dessert, a classic chocolate cake, continued the theme of simple but executed perfectly. My wife said it was the best she’s had in a long time, which is saying something.
    Wish I had thought to take a pic of our server Ashley, but she was amazing. Very conversational and friendly, but not obtrusive, made you feel at home. And the server at the next table seemed to be the same way, along with the hostess who seated us. Whomever is training the front of the house staff is doing a great job and hiring great people.
    My father runs a place that participates in restaurant week and seems to dread its’ arrival ever year, but it made for a great date night with my wife and hope to try it again next year.

  • Tori

    My friends and I (total of 5) went to Hibiscus on Monday night and hands down, it was one of the best meals I have ever had. Their appetizers, sides and desserts are all done family-style and you order your own entree which meant I got to try a LOT of the different foods. The tempura green beans and deep dish mac n cheese were in a class all their own and my petite filet was so stinking good I took half of it home—I couldn’t bear the idea of only eating it once. The crab dip and the carrot side dish (sorry, can’t remember what exactly they did to it, I think I was in a steak-induced haze) were also incredible.

    Oh, and the desserts are rock solid. The ice box pie is so chock-full of yum I can hardly put words to it. Outside the RW menu, I got their Mole Manhattan, made with Buffalo Trace whiskey, and it was utterly phenomenal. Can you tell I loved every minute of it?

    The staff were wonderful. I mean, yeah, we’re a bunch of 20-somethings who have never been there before and are obviously only there for RW but we were never made to feel like we were intruding some place we didn’t belong. Our waiter was super attentive, so helpful and the 5 of us were in and out, bill payed and completely satisfied, in about 2 hours.

    Totally, 100% recommend Hibiscus. 200% recommend. Loved it. Food was incredible, experience was incredible. Thank you, Hibiscus, for being so wonderful!

    Here’s that ice box pie:

  • Jill B

    The hubby and I went to Belly and Trumpet last night. Great atmosphere, great service and great food. At first I thought the portions were a little small, but I left feeling really full, so I guess they were just the right size. Our server, whose name I cannot remember, was a petit girl from Romania (?), was really great also.
    Appetizer – Scallops –[email protected]/9511737950/
    Entree – Halibut Cheek –[email protected]/9508971659/
    Dessert – Panna Cotta –[email protected]/9511737668/
    Dessert – Apple –[email protected]/9511738118/

  • Chef D

    I ate Monday at Fearing’s. Mr. Fearing is a good man who gives a lot back to his community and I have great respect for him. However, my dinner Monday was average at best. The wait staff had one thought in mind: get us in and out in 50 minutes. I don’t fault anyone here; I know the cost of rent at the Ritz has got to be high. I still tipped 30% of the bill and will still go to Sunday brunch–but the evening was forgettable.

    Last night we dined at Hibiscus. It was our first time there–and it was wonderful! The food is simple but prepared to perfection! I have never had mac/cheese, saute spinach and salmon that good! Our server was Ashley and she made us feel incredibly special!! Nice tip for her, nice tip for the young Hispanic man who kept checking on us!

    Hibiscus is now on my list of place for celebrations–it is a wonderful dining experience and I can’t wait to go back.

  • faspa_tiet

    Went to Belly & Trumpet yesterday and all though I have to say the food was good it certainly didn’t seem like any value for restaurant week. Left feeling very hungry so walked to Pop Diner for a Hot Dog and some of the best Sweet Potato Fries ever.

  • faspa_tiet

    Went to Belly & Trumpet last night. Although the food tasted very good it certainly wasn’t enough on a plate to fill a person up. Simply adding a small basket of bread on the table would have made a big difference. Ended up walking to Pop Diner for a hot dog and the best sweet potato fries I have ever had. The service was more like a chain restaurant on a busy night and lacked front end management.