Pack Bento-Inspired Lunch Boxes For Your Kiddos This Year

photography by Manny Rodriguez

It’s the first week of school, and every parent out there is clogging up my Facebook feed with cute photos of their adorable offsprings wearing their adorable backpacks. Thanks, moms and dads. My productivity level has gone way down. Thanks.

Bento boxes, which have been trending for quite some time, are a pretty good way to start the year off right. It’s a Japanese way of packing all your meats, veggies, and rice into a neat, little container. Everyone loves it. Especially kids.

In this year’s fall issue of D Moms (out on newsstands), Joslyn and I came up with a plan to tackle lunch-packing burnout. It happens to the best of parents. Take a look at our tips on how to arrange simple yet healthy foods into a bento-inspired lunchbox.

*For places to buy bento boxes, visit We Are 1976 (the accessories selection is great here) and one of the cutest Japanese shops in all of DFW, Shop Minoya. It’s at 3115 W. Parker Road in Plano. There’s a whole shelf of bentos and other small trinkets and Japanese snacks as well. If you love stationery, you’ll love this store.