Food News and Booze (8/30/13)

The permits for kitchen expansion at Jonathon's Oak Cliff (photo by Jonathon Erdeljac)
The permits for kitchen expansion at Jonathon’s Oak Cliff (photo by Jonathon Erdeljac)

Jonathon’s Oak Cliff is definitely expanding its kitchen now. The permits came in yesterday, and Mr. Erdeljac announced the big news via Facebook.

I know everybody has been wondering the last few months where Eddie “Lucky” Campbell has disappeared. Word on the street says he’s at Abacus right now as the new bartender. He’ll be revamping the cocktail menu and bringing new energy to the space.

After 8 weeks of Fork Fight dinners at 3015 at Trinity Groves, Uno Immanivong of Chino Chinatown has won the whole shebang. Last night, she beat out Sharon Van Meter in the final round. Congrats! I’m sure everyone is anticipating her restaurant’s opening this fall.


  • DallasVegan

    And if you looked at their next door neighbor’s window, you’d see that Spiral Diner has applied for a liquor license, hoping to add beer/wine service this fall. Huge news, as it will be the *only* vegan restaurant with booze in Dallas!