• Darren

    Visited Toulouse this week for a birthday dinner. Took a bite of the calamari appetizer. Yuck! Way overcooked. Very rubbery and tough. Had a bowl of the lobster bisque. Found only 2 bits of lobster in it; would have preferred a few more. Entree was the short ribs. The veggies on the side were very spicy/peppery, but entire dish was good overall. Like all of the other Lombardi restaurants, the luster has worn off. Side note: the new Taverna looks to be a couple weeks away from opening next door to Toulouse. Huge patio. Had to pay to valet!

  • primi timpano

    My Hot Ass. Very nice place to eat and an exceptional sizzling cake, decent frog legs and green papaya salad, which could use more flavors and does not need the extremely salty beef bits. I will go back.

    Sardines at TJ’s were great.

    At home, squid and clams with heirloom marinara; almost the same marinara with olives.

    OSK. Yes, the cheeseburger.

    Seafood Shack. Surprisingly good oysters, you would think it was February. Sublime caldo de mariscos.

    Jimmy’s b-rabe and porchetta sandwich.

    The Gus with Calabrese peppers from ICR Deep Ellum. Incredible.

  • alyb803

    The last 2 weekends we spent out our midwest culinary and running tour. Chicago involved some terrific meals, some familiar restaurants, some new places:
    Nightwood — F&W Best New Chef of Midwest. Very good, but not memorable. I’m having trouble remembering what I ate.
    Girl & the Goat — our second visit to Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard’s restaurant, and it was fantastic. She was in the house the night we dined, and there was great energy. Our group of 3 shared 6 small plate dishes plus dessert. Great service.
    Pequod’s — famous for its “caramelized crust” deep dish pizza. Worth a ride on the El for a pitcher of Goose Island and the best deep dish I’ve ever had.
    Nellecote – brunch–quirky over the top decor. Inconsistent service but outstanding food
    Ruxbin–our favorite Chicago restaurant. Only takes reservations on Sunday night, small place, only 12 tables, BYOB. Outstanding, innovative food (closest Dallas comparison would be FT33).

    Then on to Kansas City:
    Collection — the newest spot opened by Top Chef/Next Iron Chef competitor Celina Tio. Upscale comfort food in the Crossroads district of KC (similar to a more energetic Deep Ellum)–great manchego/serrano mac&cheese, and a fabulous local trout entree.
    Bluestem — this year’s James Beard (midwest) winner. Fantastic 5 course tasting menu, with many extras. Innovative preparations, outstanding service and perfect wine pairings. I highly recommend Bluestem if you find yourself in KC and wanting a top notch dinner.
    Cocktails at Manifesto, a reservations-only “speakeasy” that you get to from an alley behind the Hotel Reiger, down a dark stairway and into a retro-30s joint with an imaginative cocktail program, lots of interesting infusions and creative use of local produce (reminds me of some of Amber West’s inventive cocktails at Central 214).

  • Nicki

    Based on Nancy’s review of Liberty Burger, I went. Ahhhh, not so much. Nice vibe, nice people and ditto the napkins and the sweet tea. But the burger was average and the fries nothing to write home about.

  • Rob

    Went to FT33 on Friday night and had the Cobia Crudo, Thai Style Chicken Thighs and Sweet Corn Pannacotta. My favorite of the night was the chicken thighs – loved the spicy coconut broth and the Reisling wine pairing was great. Cobia was very light but was a great way to start the meal. Finally when the pannacotta arrived, I wasn’t sure what I would think with the combination of chili and popcorn but all the flavors blended together and it reminded me of what dessert elotes would be if you could that at an elotes stand.

  • twohotpotatoes

    Pak Pao for lunch, twice. The crispy tamarind duck is my favorite dish, hands down.

    Coal Vines for dinner. I’m a regular since it’s in my neighborhood, so I rarely comment about it, but this week’s pizza was not their best effort. Looking forward to the opening of Zoli’s!

    Driftwood on Saturday night. Food was amazing, atmosphere was hot. And by hot, I mean no AC. We rushed through our dinner so we could go sit in the car and blast the AC. Disappointed with the way the experience was handled (we could have been called in advance or made aware of the situation upon arrival – it seems they just wanted to act like nothing was going on). I’ll be back, but will definitely make sure the AC is on!