Elevation Burger in Dallas is Closed

Virginia-based healthy burger chain Elevation Burger opened the doors to its first Dallas location in January 2011. A SideDish reader and a fan of Elevation Burger at Hillcrest and Northwest Highway shuttered says she went by Saturday  for lunch and there was a sign on the door that simply said: “Closed for Business.”  I called and the phone number is disconnected. An email sent to management has not been answered.

UPPITY DATE: Note from David Barleggs: “Yes, the store is closed temporarily. We are in the middle of a hopeful purchase with a re opening date to be advised.”


  • jrd

    Once Hopdoddy started doing organic burgers better right around the corner they were toast.

  • chc

    welcome to the burger big leagues. This ain’t virginia.

  • Critic

    I visited once asking for a hamburger to be cooked medium rare or rare. They said only well done is they way they cook their hamburgers because of health reasons. Mine or theirs? I guess their meat was of such poor quality they had to kill the cooties. I walked out never to even try one of their hamburgers.

  • CapGuy

    Elevation today, Smash tomorrow…….How many burger places can the metro-plex accomodate?

  • twinwillow

    Yep, it’s known as thinning out the herd.

  • Really

    I haven’t liked any of the restaurants in that strip. Tasty D is awful. Tiff’s cookies are meh. (We go to Creme de la Cookie instead) Soleo is just OK. Haven’t tried the new pho place yet.
    I miss the donut place that was there.

  • chc

    you lose all credibility by calling Tiff’s Treats “meh”. THey aren’t the best cookie ever made, but they are damn good.

  • Really

    Soon after Tiff’s Treats opened in Dallas, we received a gift of warm cookies and cold milk delivered to our house. The box included at least four (maybe more) varieties. Everyone was excited by this wondrous and thoughtful gift. But no one liked the cookies.

  • Matt Decuir

    IDK. I liked the burgers and fries. Plus it is easier to get in there than it is to get to Hopdoddy.
    But this IS the burger big leagues.