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Cute Puppy Video Alert! Help Parigi Name its New Mascot and Win a Free Dinner


Oh man. I’m still melting from the cuteness of those furry balls of fluff. I have nothing else to say, except… Can I please puppysit? Please?!

Parigi, where chick chef Janice Provost rules the kitchenland, is extending its little family. A year ago, Chad Houser said goodbye to co-cheffing at Parigi to manage Cafe Momentum full-time, and now it looks like Provost is filling the hole in her heart with the next most logical thing: a puppy. On Parigi’s Facebook page, it says:

“Parigi is getting a new puppy on Labor Day, and we would like you to help us name him. He is a male golden retriever coming from a great breeder In Allen. We would like his name to be French, or Italian. Or French/Italian with an American twist…Kinda
Like what we do at Parigi. Winner gets dinner for two. Let’s see whatcha got! GO! : )”