BonChon Chicken to Open at Greenville and Lovers Lane in Dallas

bonchon2BonChon Chicken, the popular Korean fried chicken chain, is setting up shop at Greenville and Lovers. What started out  in 2002 as a small mom and pop shop in Busan, Korea, is now an international chain with 30 restaurants in the US and another 70 spread over Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. The concept is simple: select wings, strips, or drumsticks and pick a sauce. Each order is “hand-brushed“ with a soy garlic of spicy hot sauce. The secret ingredients are still secret. Here’s the menu.

UPPITY DATE: Forgot to add BonChon is going into the space formerly known as Another Broken Egg at 5500 Greenville Ave
Ste 1300. Opening date coming.

UPPITY DATE: I just spoke with Barry Booth and Daniel Worrell, who represent the ownership group. They are headed up to New York for training. They estimate the opening date to be in late October or early November.


  • JtB

    That’s a lot of chicken on that corner. Raising Canes, Cowboy Chicken, Central Market, Pluckers. Not to mention a plethora of Asian spots there too. I would say it looks like a cock fight but the would be the wrong gender.

  • Nina Phan

    KFC (Korean fried chicken)

  • peteflys

    Well this is pretty exciting having been to a Bon Chon in Thailand and Singapore. I find it interesting they would open just down the street from Raising Cane. I give a big thumbs up to Bon Chon !

  • Yuna Jang

    BonChon chicken in dallas!
    양념치킨도 들어오나?!??!

  • MRM

    It may be sacrilegious to say so, but BonChon in Manhattan serves the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten in my life. This is awesome news.