Zoli’s in Oak Cliff Opens Next Tuesday, August 6, Despite Lighting Issues

Cane Rosso’s Jay Jerrier was aiming to get Zoli’s, his “true old school NY style pizza joint,” open by August 1, but those plans went to the gutter last week. On Friday, through Zoli’s FB page, Jerrier posted: “Well we’re trying to get open – but according to the City of Dallas, this work area is simply too dark and unsafe for our staff to make pizza – even though it is brighter than it was 6 months ago when they were making Enchiladas. More delays!! Thanks Dallas City Hall.”

Then Jerrier posted a pretty funny photo of Dino Santonicola, the executive chef, wearing sunglasses and standing in front of a super bright pizza station.

The owner fixed the problem in a jiffy and now things are smoothed over with Dallas City Hall. “Our pizza station is so bright it is 100% guaranteed vampire-free,” says Jerrier.

The old BEE Enchilada space will opening its doors to the neighborhood on Tuesday, August 6, as Zoli’s. And by “public,” I think Jerrier means everybody besides trolls, witches, and vampires. Unless, you know, you want to be like Edward Cullen and shine bright like a diamond.


  • Karl

    Love Cane, but will be here for the change of pace. Glad to see Jay’s empire is expanding. He’s been great for Deep Ellum and will be great for Oak Cliff.