Sprinkles Cupcake ATM is Now Open in Preston Center

The Sprinkles ATM that sings and pops out cupcakes (photography by Meredith Carey)
The Sprinkles ATM that sings and pops out cupcakes (left); red velvet cupcake delivered (right) photography by Meredith Carey

It’s here, it’s here! After over a year of hype, the Sprinkles’ Plaza at Preston Center finally opened its Cupcake ATM.

While I was the only customer at the ATM this morning, a Sprinkles employee told me they had sold over 200 cupcakes out of the bright pink machine after they officially opened at midnight. With no other publicity than this tweet on Tuesday, I’d say that’s pretty impressive.

But, truthfully, that’s not as important as the fact that this new ATM sings. À la “It’s a Small World,” the machine repeats, “I love Sprinkles, the best cupcakes in the world,” until you can’t stand it anymore and are hooked into buying a cupcake.

photography by Meredith
Construction on the new ice cream store makes it difficult to reach the ATM.

The machine, open 24 hours, holds over 400 cupcakes and features the same cupcakes and seasonal flavors that are being sold inside for their regular price of $4. You can even get two Sprinkles Doggie Cupcakes for around $5.

While purchasing my red velvet cupcake out of the machine, I got to watch the ATM, armed with a mechanical arm and a camera, fetch my cupcake’s box on the screen.  The cylinder at the bottom then turned around and, boom!, my cupcake was ready to be picked up and devoured.

The ATM is restocked two to three times a day for freshness and all of the uneaten cupcakes are donated daily to Dallas charities, which include Metrocare Services, the Children’s Advocacy Center, Genesis Women’s Shelter, Catholic Charities, and the Dallas Life Foundation.

Now that the ATM is ready, Sprinkles fanatics can look forward to the brand’s ice cream store located right next door. It’s currently under construction and should be open mid-August.

Meredith Carey is an editorial intern at D Magazine. She will be a junior at Southern Methodist University with majors in journalism and Spanish. 


  • Kathleen Vieira

    An ATM that dispenses Sprinkles cupcakes….am I dreaming?!

  • Alex Dumpfree

    Unbelievable!! An ATM booth which dispatching cupcakes! Truly creative! Best of luck for Sprinkles…..:)

  • Sheryl Kirchner

    My son waited for an hour the first night it was open!!

  • Amy Brooks

    I think I need to visit this!

  • Kristine Bates

    This would be great if their cupcakes were remotely good! I have never been able to figure out why dry cupcakes continue to be huge sellers. And I have tried them throughout the years they have been here hoping they would change…

  • Stacy Fawcett

    Its broken right now =( cupcake crisis!! Just sent Nancy the pics *sadface*

  • cpcklvr

    This is amazing! I love Sprinkles!! You can also order them to be delivered to your home or, I like to send them as gifts to people, through a company called H.Bloom’s iPhone app.

    You can never get enough cupcakes!

  • eddard

    ATM sounds better than “Vending machine” , eh?

  • Julie Newman

    Genius ! and Yum !

  • Suzanne Dixon

    Sprinkles cupcakes are just plain gross. People only get the sprinkles brand because they look fancy, and because celebrities endorse them. If they were served at a non-famous shop, they would be out of business. Candance Nelson got lucky, that’s all! And I mean c’mon. The first store opened in Beverly Hills, on Santa Monica Blvd. I could sell dog poo cupcakes in that amazingly expensive location. Money makes money, and she had the money to start her business. Had she been anywhere else starting out, she’d still be an investment banker. And a cupcake vending machine (because that’s what it is) isn’t all that “genius” or “amazing”. There are lots of machines that dispense items more complicated than pre-made cupcakes! Lol! Now if the machine actually assembled a cupcake, that would be more impressive. I just can’t stand when people glorify something just because it’s well known, and not for the actual quality. If you research sprinkles cupcakes, you’d learn that Barbara Streisand was one of the first customers to purchase a sprinkles cupcake. Then she turned Oprah onto them. Like I said, she got lucky and she had the money to do it. Money doesn’t always mean quality. Ok, I’m done venting now!! Lol!