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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Buying the Best Cookware in Dallas

By Nancy Nichols |
The best pot in my house.
The best pot in my house.

This young Disher is getting married and starting a new life with her husband. They both love to cook and have a chance to register for their dream cookware. Their problem? They don’t know what their dream cookware is. Hear her type:

Hi! Nancy! I love your blog and readers. I am getting married in December (Christmas!!!!) and my fiancee and I are getting ready to do our bridal registry. We are both foodies and love to cook. What kind of cookware do you use? What is the best out there? Maybe you can ask your readers for their opinions!!! Thanks for even reading this!!!

The obvious answer is to send them to several stores and have them handle different brands of cookware. I have a hodgepodge collection of Anolon, Le Creuset, and Calphalon.  I prefer the Le Creuset sauce pans over those made by Calphalon. I find the Le Creuset skillets and sauce pans too heavy to maneuver especially since I am chained to an electric cooktop. Hence, the Anolon pans. Et tu?