Mi Piaci in North Dallas is Locked Out of Building

mipiaciEarly this morning, I received a note that read: “Mi Piaci locked out. Sued by landlord.” I called the restaurant a little before noon and asked to speak to owner Brian Black. The nice man on the phone said Mr. Black was out of town. I asked to be forwarded to his voice mail. Instead, the nice man said he would take a message. I asked the nice man if the restaurant was closed. In a shaky voice he said the restaurant was closed because the air conditioning was out and they were waiting for a crane to lift a new unit on the roof. I was suspicious so I drove over and took a pic. Still waiting for Mr. Black to call me back.

According to the Dallas Business Journal, the week of 5/17/13, the landlord of Mi Piaci Addison, Prestonwood Pond LLC, filed suit against the following plaintiffs:

UPDATE: I had to drive to a meeting and, while I was chugging down the tollway, I called the nice man I spoke with earlier today. He wasn’t so nice. I asked him why he lied to me about the fact that the company had been locked out of the business. “I don’t work for you,” he snapped. And then he hung up on me. Less than five minutes later, I received an email from owner Brian Black. “I will call you in the morning to discuss. I am also very busy with construction on the new restaurant now.” This is some stinky business.


  • lambopolis

    Here’s some context (July 16) from pegasusnews:

    “Second Mi Piaci in Dallas to open in former Ocho spot”

    DALLAS — Out with the new, in with the old: OCHO Kitchen + Cocktails on Preston Road, which opened in September 2012, is shuttered, and Mi Piaci Ristorante Italiano is moving in. Mi Piaci has served Italian food at its restaurant on Montfort Drive for 23 years; the Preston Road restaurant will be owners Sonia and Brian Black’s second Mi Piaci.


  • Kim Earley

    This is so sad….I remember when going to Mi Piaci was special….Last time I was there, people looked homeless….But the food was still great!

  • Candy Apple

    Urm lambopolis nobody here needs context from pegasusnews that’s for sure.

  • TLS
  • AmyP

    Nancy you are the liar… You did not take that photo. Anyone can zoom in on who took the photo and it is not you. Stop with the nonsense

    • Mark Wootton

      I thought that the man was odd as well, then I looked closer. It’s clearly taken from a different point of view all together.

      Take it easy.

    • meatloaf

      Aren’t you a caddy little tart?

  • Connor Murphy

    I love MiPiaci and am so thrilled they are moving
    to the Park Cities.

  • MJT

    That is Alan Aguilar the Slumlord who took that picture.

    • Nancy Nichols

      I would appreciate it if you would use your real name if you are going to call someone a slumlord. Few landlords lockout paying tenants.

  • Mark Lupton

    Nancy looks like you have been taking testosterone.

    • Nancy Nichols

      see above. I also circled back later and found another man standing in the parking lot but I didn’t take a picture.

  • Nancy Nichols

    When this picture was taken there was a man there taking pictures. He asked, “Who are you taking the photo for?” he replied “Nobody. You?” Response: “Nobody too.”

  • Sleezy

    There are bad financials at Hatch Management Group caused from the failure of Ocho that spilled over to Mi Piaci, then when there was no hope of saving Mi Piaci they devised a plan to move the concept of Mi Piaci to the old Ocho space and open it before the doors were locked at the Monfort location. Too bad they couldnt move quick enough and the landlord locked them out….even if it opens at the Preston location the same mangement that ruined Ocho will be the death of it as well…..

  • Kayla

    Nancy you did not take this picture. I am a graphic designer- you got this picture from some man- I am assuming is the landlord mentioned here. I don’t really think this is such breaking need. Who cares? Mipiaci already announced they are moving to Park cities. I think your article is biased – you seem to have something agains
    Mipiaci. I hope you can report the facts tomorrow. If anyone cares at this point.

    • Are You Kidding?

      I don’t think this picture looks like it was taken from straight on. More like an angle. Which would not capture the reflection of the photographer but would include a reflection of someone standing off to the side.

      But you’re a graphic designer, I’m sure you know that.

    • Edward

      I’m confused as to why so much focus seems to be on who took a picture? Who cares who took the picture? It could be Santa Clause taking the picture for all it matters to this story.
      Such an odd thing to bring up….

    • Nancy Nichols

      They are not moving, they announced they were opening a second location. I did not get the picture from some man. It was shot from the side of the door to avoid reflection. the man, who was also there, took a straight on picture. Tell me what is biased about my article. The whole thing is a report of things that took place. I have nothing against Mi Piaci. I’ve eaten there since they opened. Next.

    • Mark Wootton

      Mike Snyder?

  • Conrad

    Nicols is biased and hates Dallas. Why do we let old ladies like her and Brenner talk smack about our city????

    • Nancy Nichols

      I am not biased. And you don’t know me so quit making assumptions about what I like or don’t like. I have a long history with Dallas and can tell her story better. How is this post talking smack? It’s called a report.

    • BillA

      I have been a business associate of Nancy Nichols for nearly thirty years. She is a true professional and is held in very high regard by the restaurant community in Dallas. You have absolutely no basis on which to make the statements you have. You obviously do not know her and do not consistently follow her work. I am so sick of this kind of character assassination.

  • Nancy Nichols

    thank you. i commented before I read your comment. you are correct.

  • Mavdog

    Wow, the snarky comments about the photo have me chuckling. Is the photo inaccurate? No? Then just stop with all the comments about the photo already!

    Getting to the subject that should be discussed, frankly I’m surprised Mi Piaci has managed to stay open this long. Back in the day (that would be about 5-6 years ago) they did a great job with fresh, good northern Italian food. Ithey haven’t done a very good job for several years, the last times I went it was very meh. Apparently I was not the only one to have this opinion…

    • Chris

      What are you talking about? We eat there at least twice a month and the food is always great and the service is on par. Look at their reviews on yelp, open table, anywhere and they are usually great reviews so stop commenting if you dont know real Italian food. This whole blog today is getting annoying. I for one and am excited they are moving closer to where we live. I personally hate the location in Addison so the whole thing is good news for me.

  • Carol Shih

    I agree. I can’t believe this conversation has veered off into graphic design.

  • Glenn Campbell

    The name of this game should be: “how many Mi Piaci people (ie management , partners, investors etc.) can troll the blog and put up fraudulent posts as though they are concerned/ impartial patrons”.

    Good luck in a very tough spot on Preston. This is a heck of a way to start from a PR perspective. Also, we all know why tenants get locked out.

  • Avid Reader

    What a nightmare for Mi Piaci. Not going to dig themselves out of their hole at the new location spot on Preston since it is one of the worst locations available in the area for a restaurant.

  • Mavdog

    “stop commenting if you don’t know real Italian food”. I’m very comfortable in my knowledge and palate. My suggestion is twofold: first, get off that high horse you seem to be set upon, and maybe it is you who “don’t know real Italian food” as having lived in Italy for a stretch I know it isn’t me.

  • Karmaisabitch

    Maybe after 2 failed resturant attempts…Lobster Ranch and Ocho….the Croslands should stay out of the restaurant business…maybe.they should stick to what they do best…being “the brokest millionaires in town” or maybe they should divorce and re-marry for money since Dad’s current wife didnt come from wealth but rather behind a counter a Neimans…..

  • Chris

    Mavdog – I apologize. Now that I read my post, it seemed like I was being rude. Not my intention at all. We are each entitled to our own opinion.I have also been to Italy many times and even lived there for a year over 30 years ago. I still like Mi Piaci food. So does my wife. I just think in general this blog and comments are just so negative and it seems like people are being sneaky. Maybe its both sides. I don’t know why people are discussing financials and private things which makes me believe that maybe the landlord is also chiming in here. Maybe the owners are too. Either way – I wish Mi Piaci the best. They have been around forever and I for one will continue to support the restaurant. I don’t know the owner or the landlord or even Nancy personally. I just know I have had good experiences there and good memories with our children who aren’t children anymore. So if it is the end for Mi Piaci in Addison – let it be! This is my last post on this subject. I am out. Wishing the restaurant success.

  • Primi timpano

    The NYT had a very good series that touched on the authenticity of photographic images written by Errol Morris. Yes, many photos “lie” but the picture here merely illustrates the article; the tenant is locked out. I do not want to make assumptions, no matter how logically deduced they may be, but in my opinion the food in Addison was average, at best, and I have no reason to believe the new one will be better, even with new pots, pans, etc.

  • Rodney Haas

    Mi Piaci was great years ago. However they have long lost their way. The food was a strange cross of mediocre Italian and steak house fare. They have done many groupons in the last year to lure in business. I feel bad that the glory of the past is gone. Their failure is a mix of the changing Dallas restaurant scene and some rough financial times. Addison is not a great place to have a restaurant today. It was great 20 years ago.

    • Reeves Thomas

      Rodney you are correct about Addison. Several great restaurants have recently closed and sadly the list keeps growing. I personally like MiPiaci and will support them at the new location.

  • Samuel H

    Sad to hear the news. I think its still in my top 10 favorite places to eat. But the location and the old building really needed a facelift. I hope that they are indeed opening another location and I hope it works out. It would be a sad sad day if there was no Mi Piaci in Dallas.

    • FoodieFred

      It would actually be a sadder day if they did open – and got away owing $$$ to all the people that they have left high-and-dry from both restaurants. I’d rather eat at McDonalds than give my money to these people.

  • Mavdog

    Chris, great of you to repost, we can just agree to disagree about the food at Mi Piaci. People having different viewpoints is nothing to get upset about, and I respect your opinion….even though you’re wrong 😉 j/k

  • Horrible

    U are an asshole you don’t know the whole story

  • Horrible

    Thank you nancy for supporting this story! This is messy business

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  • That Guy

    Per the article: “Some stinky business” – ha, the old location did stink because of the mildew in the cellar, which I bet the landlord would never fix.

    Yes, this was a wonderful location in Addison, with a great pond view – which I will miss…
    ahh, Dallas in the Mid-80s. This was the last holdout of that outside-the-loop deal making era. (Go checkout how dead Houston’s is in Addison for lunch these days – bet it’s next. Poor Mr. Chamberlin, time to head south too).

    What’s done is done, and what’s gone is gone. But let’s talk food. These guys make the best pasta outside of NYC or Italy. I am SO SO happy to have driven by their new location this weekend unbeknownst to me that they’d moved. They have a brilliant new location – I wish them nothing but success.

    Long Live Mi Piaci!

  • Juan B

    Good for you Nancy Nichols, People are harsh and judgemental towards the Blacks. These people do not know them. I remember you and your husband when you came to eat at Il Sole during the Holiday season years ago. You and your and your husband were very kind to me. I was your server that evening. I later ran into you at a convenient store across the street from Il Sole. Again you were very cordial and kind away from the restaurant setting. That itself spoke volumes. Continue to be kind. God Bless You. The Blacks will prevail.