John Tesar Disses Former Dallas Employers

BURNINGIn an interview posted yesterday on a New York-based blog called The Braiser, John “Spoon” Tesar  throws a few knives at several of his former business relationships in Dallas. Here are the money quotes from the post titled “Zen And The Art Of The Comeback: John Tesar’s Not Crying Anymore.” .

“I met these guys from the Dallas Restaurant Group, the DRG, and I started consulting for them. And you know, they don’t do business the way I like to do business, but it was something to do. And it was really rough because I wasn’t making any money for most of it.”

“And luckily enough, my friend [told me of] this wine bar [Dali] where his restaurant was. It was empty for a long period of time. He was just like, “Why don’t I set you up with Lucy [Billingsley] and you go open something up over there.” And I’m going like, it’s another Band-Aid… But I needed the Band-Aid at the time and Lucy’s a billionaire.”

“To this day, with Bruno [Davaillon] there [Mansion], the walls are still shaking without me. The restaurant’s doing nothing, ’cause Bruno’s just a very quiet, amazing French chef. He’s a good friend of mine, but you need a personality there.”

I’m sure there are several people in Dallas thinking “fork you.”