Food News and No Booze (7/2/13)

JOB ALERT! Eater Austin is searching for a new editor. “Previous journalism experience and an obsession with Paul Qui are major plusses,” says the job description. Um, wait. Hold up. That’s me. I am el presidente of the Dallas Paul Qui Fan Club. But I’m happy here at SideDish, so all you other Qui fans should have at it.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate’s hazelnut spread was one of three semi-finalists at the 2013 International Chocolate Awards. I just sampled that sweet Tub of Love not 10 days ago. It’s whoa-mazing.

Michael Pollan discusses how raising livestock properly could reverse climate change. I say we invent a new feed for cows that’ll reduce their flatulence and, thus, the release of methane, but the brainy writer has different ideas.