Food News and No Booze (7/16/13)

Dallas News |

Apparently, the Lewisville City Council doesn’t think body paint counts as a “suitable cover-up at Redneck Heaven.” The waitresses at this restaurant apparently wear “anything but clothes” on occasional ABC days, which has caused some outrage in the neighborhood. According to, Lewisville City Council voted unanimously to change the ordinance, essentially banning nekkidness as an outfit.

Cafe Momentum is popping up at Texas Spice (inside the Omni Hotel) on August 11. Tickets go on sale Monday, July 22, at noon. If you want to buy a ticket, click here and don’t be surprised if they sell out in, oh, two minutes.

Twinkies are back! But they’re smaller than you’ll remember, and it has a longer shelf life. HuffPost has more details.


  • guitarboy

    that lady should be more concerned with taking her kids to lunch at “red lobster” than a few scantilly-clad servers…