Construction on Klyde Warren Park’s Two Restaurants, Savor and Relish, Continues

Exterior rendering of Savor and Relish (provided by Savor and Relish)
Exterior rendering of Savor and Relish (provided by Savor and Relish)

Traffic along that strip of Woodall Rodgers Freeway – the one that borders Klyde Warren Park – has been awful lately. At least it means construction is underway for Savor and Relish, the two upcoming food sources for hungry park-goers who might be tired of the food truck roster. (“At this point, the plan is to keep the food trucks [even after Savor and Relish have been built],” says the restaurants’ spokeswoman. “They’re popular.” But they might be moved to the other side of the park.)

Relish, which is currently a food truck, will stop operating its vehicle and settle down into its brick ‘n’ mortar home inside KWP by late August. The casual menu will be the same, except there will be a few more burger options. It’ll serve beignets in the morning, ice cream, and coffee.

Business partners John Muse and John Coleman have decided to make Savor a gastropub with shareable plates. The food isn’t necessarily all local, but they’re focused on sourcing ingredients from the best places. Keg walls for beer and wine (unusual on the wine side) will allow guests to have a wider variety by the glass. Joe Scigliano is the executive chef of Savor, and the restaurant will have completely glass walls that separate it from the park. The patio will be double the size of the actual restaurant with valet parking available. Construction on Savor should hopefully be done sometime in September. Everyone’s crossing their fingers.

And if any of you out there are looking for jobs, hiring for Savor and Relish just started yesterday. To apply, go to and submit a resume. They’re looking for a general manager, exec sous chef, front of house, bar, and other various positions.