Congratulations to All the 100 Best Restaurant Gift Card Winners!

People are always skeptical when it comes to free stuff and giveaways. I get you. I’m right there with you.

But when we do giveaways here at D, we do them big. And you really don’t have to do much, except give us your email address and your firstborn son. (Just kidding about the last part.)

Anyways, here’s the list of all the winners for our 100 Best Restaurant gift card drawings. Congrats! Now invite me to go eat with you.

Grand Prize (won $2,000 to the top 20 restaurants in Dallas) – Vivian A.

Winners of $100 to restaurants on the list:

Greg F. – Zen Sushi
Luke F – Local
Kelly M. – Asian Mint
Kayla H. – Chamberlain’s Chop House
Maren D. – Parigi
Reasha H. – Boulevardier
Nashla K. – Crossroads Diner
Courtney C. – Company Café
Louise O. – AllGood Café

Thank you to all the restaurants that donated gift cards to this giveaway.