Brian Luscher to Open New Restaurant in Dallas: Luscher’s

Dirty Dawg: Brian Luscher.
Dirty Dawg: Brian Luscher.

If she typed it, it’s true: Culture Map’s Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins reports Brian Luscher, owner of The Grape, has signed a lease for a new restaurant he plans to call Luscher’s. The space is across from the Elbow Room on Gaston Ave. Hopefully Luscher will include his new line of Lusher’s Post Oak Red Hots on the menu. I’m sure he’s got a couple other ingenious tricks up his sleeve.


  • LuscherIsACrook

    Will his new restaurant also feature hidden split plate charges like The Grape? Beware the unpublished $1.50 split or share charge for appetizers and salads added to your ticket whether or not you request the item be served on two plates or not.

    • SeanP

      Oooooh. How awful. You were raped and pillaged, truly a crime here. Enough to hop on a blog to further indict him on these egregious charges. I think a beheading is in order.

      Get a life. This happens at plenty of restaurants and if you really felt wronged by such a horrific incident then you just need to get laid.

    • Brian C Luscher

      The first time I saw a post about this[I assume it was you because the language is similar], I was aghast. We called an immediate all-staff meeting to address this charge directly and with no language unclear that this type of action would never be considered an acceptable standard or practice at The Grape, and that suspicion of such an act would be terms for dismissal.
      Let’s deal with this directly. Contact us at The Grape. Bring your receipt. I will reimburse your entire meal. I cannot, however, guarantee this will remedy the indignation you feel. My apologies.
      Brian C. Luscher
      The Grape

  • Jack Perkins

    Beware the anonymous punk that bitches about $1.50 when he or she is being served a world class meal in a great restaurant.

  • golfnfashion

    The way a true business owner handles a situation in the social media world. The Grape 1 (and many more for the quality of the food and the experience) Whiny restaurant goer 0.

  • Margie Hubbard

    I’m excited! Can’t wait to see what it’s like!

  • LuscherIsACrook

    Not looking for freebies. Simply seeking an end to this silly policy. Appreciate your confirmation it will not happen again in your restaurants. Wish your wife would have done so rather than attempting to justify the policy when we asked her about the charge.

  • danielle fontenot

    Woohoo I agree!

  • danielle fontenot

    I am excited as well! It’s going to be right down the street from my house!