Alligator Cafe Takes Over Rosemont Space in Deep Ellum to Open a Second Location

alligatorLast February, the Alligator Cafe closed their popular Deep Ellum restaurant on Live Oak and moved over to Casa Linda. Chef Ivan Pugh’s Cajun and Creole food won over the new neighborhood. Today, GM/partner Joe Whiddon tells me they are moving back to Deep Ellum to open a second location. “We really want to get back to our old neighborhood,” Whiddon says. “We miss the business from the people at Baylor and AT&T.” They taken over the building that recently housed Rosemont, the breakfast and lunch spot operated by Local chef Tracy Miller. You know, the building with its own parking lot.

Whiddon says they will probably do counter service and sell only beer and wine. They are fixing up the patio. They are under construction and hoping to be ready by September 1. ” We’re shooting for September 1 but it could be earlier,” Whiddon says. “You never know the way these things go.”


  • A Drinker

    Wha? That Live Oak location was definitely not in Deep Ellum. Glad to hear of the expansion though.

  • beda

    Yes, it’s more than a stretch to say they were previously in Deep Ellum. The new location, that is Deep Ellum.

  • Mapped

    Not ever in Deep Ellum. But was in East Dallas. Sort of.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Whoopie…I got confused…I sit corrected…

  • gene

    Awesome, excited to have them back in the area. Though Casa Linda sure isn’t too far away, being in DE will be great. Some good happenings the last few days in the area, Alligator, Luscher’s on Gaston and Twilite Lounge.

  • Holly Feeney

    WOW … how exciting to have such a good restaurant join the revitalization of DE. And, bringing all of us such great award-winning food. I’ll surely be eating there.

  • Wendy Castleman

    Hurry up Ivan!!! I miss your cooking! I have been to the one at Casa Linda a few times but miss the old place and location- easier for me to hit you up in DE from Corsicana. Will certainly see you when you open!