Old Gas Station at Davis and Madison to Open as Pier 247 Seafood Restaurant

A rendering of Pier 247 (provided by Pier 247)
A rendering of Pier 247 (provided by Pier 247)

Ever since developers cleaned up the lot with a boarded-up gas station at Davis Street and Madison Avenue — just right across from 303 Bar and Grill — a few of my friends have put the tiny structure at the top of their wish list.

“I wish I could turn it into a cottage.”

“Wouldn’t that make a cute studio?”

“I’d totally love to open a record store there.”

As it turns out, restaurateur Cecilia Lopez (no relation to this writer) has big plans for the small spot.

Lopez, who also owns 303 Bar and Grill, plans to incorporate the garage into the design for a larger, new dining concept, tentatively called Pier 247.

This Bishop Arts gas station will become a seafood restaurant. (Photograohy by Chris McGathey)

“The idea is finally coming to fruition, and it’s looking very good. It took me a while to get in there. I’ll be happy when we’re moving in there,” she said.  She intends to keep the garage as an element of the restaurants architecture. “I don’t want to change too much about the Bishop Arts District.”

This might be a good idea, considering that locals were disturbed by when developers announced plans to modify the Alamo Plaza sign at Sylvan Thirty.

Lopez says it will be a seafood place. Pier 247 will be her third restaurant; She also owns 6th Street Bar in Uptown.

303 has been open for about a year and she’s pleased with the success.

“I had to give it a little TLC in the kitchen,” she said, referring to a change in chefs. “But it’s doing well — especially for brunch.”