Ocho Kitchen and Cocktails in Dallas Closes for Renovation /Remodel

ochoLoyal SideDish reader with a camera phone for news and a bod for golf sends this photo. I’ve reached out for details.

It’s an open secret that Ocho has struggled since partners Brian (Mi Piaci) Black, Benjamin Crosland and Chef Eric (Coyote Café, Geronimo ) DiStefano’s opened in September 2012 . Opening chef Ross Demers left after two months. Noted chef Joel Harloff took over in late January 2013.

I hope the renovation/remodel refers to the menu, not the interior space because there is nothing wrong with it. Ocho has two hard-to-fix realities: the location (just south of Northwest Highway) is difficult to reach and the competition from the numerous restaurants in Preston Center is fierce. The newish Nick & Sam’s Grill has sucked up a lot of business in the area.

If I was a betting man, and I’m neither, I might wager DiStefano has pulled out of the partnership and the menu, which contains some of his creations, is in for an overhaul. Then again, the first time I saw Madonna perform at Live Aid in Philadelphia in 1985 I turned to my friend and said, “This gal is going nowhere.”


  • Avid Reader

    Location. Location. Location.

  • runDMC

    Since CPK kills it next door, maybe the location isn’t really so bad.
    I think Brian Black got wooled by DiStefano. The menu wasn’t that great and the
    execution was very, very poor. I don’t think DiStefano was ever there or if he was, he wasn’t in the kitchen.
    His food at Coyote Cafe and Geronimo are nothing like the crap Ocho dished.

    • Avid Reader

      Yes, next door, with corner space and entryway not on Preston; and not next door to the gas station/busy intersection of NWHWY.

  • FWIw

    Word on the street (as in employees applying for new jobs), Saturday night was strong, Sunday the doors were locked. Employees found out when they came for work on Sunday. No mention made to employees before that.

  • Dallas Girl

    Well it’s completely distefanos fault. Because the food just wasn’t good. But we have frequented blacks other restaurant Mipiaci on many occasions and the food there is amazing. I think this Latin tex mex cuisine just really wasn’t going to hit the mark. I will be curious to see what they mean by remodel.

  • HPMgr

    Remodel/ renovation My ass. rude ownership, management. They just finally shut down for GOOD, about time. I hope their employees get paid. False advertisement stating they were open for lunch when they were not, Tex Mex???

  • Gerald Fine

    Yet another venue that I never visited. Finally tried last Sunday. Oops.

  • Matthew

    Any idea on when they plan to re-open?

    • DSideDish

      I have contacted all concerned and received no replies.

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