Let’s Help Kickstart Terra Tech, an Indoor Farm, in Deep Ellum

217310_155134834658092_1409787608_nJake King-Gilbert is a Connecticut-native living in Dallas, and he’s done something most people haven’t: he’s turned his entire apartment living room into a hydroponic system that’s 8 ft. tall, 6 ft. long, and 4 ft. wide. Hydroponics is a way of growing plants in water without soil.

He chuckles when I ask him the dimensions of his living room. “About that big,” he says.

King-Gilbert has had such a good time farming in his own living room and giving his coworkers fresh produce in December, he’s decided that he wants to do it for all of Dallas. He explains it best on his Kickstarter page:

Terra Tech Farms will be an indoor farming facility. Using hydroponics farming methods, we will be able to provide sustainable produce on a commercial scale, utilizing less land and water than conventional farming. Our produce will be local, pesticide free and grown year around.

We believe in sustainable produce that is able to be grown in an urban environment, that is what we plan to bring to the Dallas community.

Terra Tech will occupy a building at 4412 Elm St. in Deep Ellum, which used to be a car repair shop.

“I wasn’t going to stay in Dallas, to be honest, but what stopped me is I think Dallas is just really getting started with the green movement – people are getting really passionate – and I want to help out with the beginning,” says King-Gilbert. “Once up and running, we’ll be looking for volunteers to help us get to as many farmers markets as we can.”

The indoor farmer needs help raising money for supplies and paying off the lease. King-Gilbert needs about $3,000 more dollars to get his project started. That’s not too much for a huge positive impact for the Deep Ellum/rest-of-Dallas community, right? Alright, guys. Ready, set, FUND.