Kitchen LTO in Trinity Groves Opens September 3, Announces Chef and Design Winners

Huge bonking news: Kitchen LTO, a permanent pop-up restaurant in Trinity Groves, just announced its winners for the first round of the restaurant’s life. For four months, Norman Grimm will be executive chef of a restaurant that Coeval Studio (John Paul Valverde and Miguel Vicens) is designing. Hey, not a bad combo.

Grimm was most recently execucheffing at ACME F&B, but now, obviously, that’s no longer the case. He’s going to be introducing a new French/American menu at Kitchen LTO, along with Coeval Studio (the same guys who brought you CampO Modern Bistro, Outpost American Tavern, and Wicked Po’Boys). Kitchen LTO is slated to open on September 3.

Quick question, though: Do we have enough design firms in Dallas to keep this rotating-restaurant idea sustainable over a long period of time? Just curious.



  • mavdog

    sorry, the phrase “permanent pop-up restaurant” is just so non-sensical, a complete contradiction of terms. please stop. if it is permanent, it is inherently not pop-up.
    “rotating restaurant” works, just stay with that…..

  • Greg Brown

    I completely agree. How about we call it something accurate instead of catchy?

  • Brooke

    I like the term “permanent pop-up restaurant” it describes exactly what they do.

    Rotating restaurant makes me think of reunion tower and it makes me dizzy.

    …now about this “huge bonking news” and “execucheffing” business, are those new culinary terms?