Kid Kritic Milkshake Update: Hopdoddy’s in Dallas

In February our Kid Kritic, Elizabeth Chandler, ranked several milkshakes in town.  A few commenters asked, “What about Hopdoddy’s?” School is out, and she made the trek. 

Chocolate and Red Velvet Milkshakes at Hopdoddy's (photo by Elizabeth Chandler)
Chocolate and Red Velvet Milkshakes at Hopdoddy’s (photo by Elizabeth Chandler)

I recently tried Hopdoddy’s milkshakes. I got the red velvet one. It  sounds like it would taste disgusting but it turned out to be fantastic. It was really rich, and they topped it off with whipped cream and bits of red velvet cake which gave it a bit of a texture to it. It was a pinkish color, and who doesn’t love pink? It was thick but not super thick to the point of where you couldn’t sip it within five seconds. I also had a sip of the chocolate milkshake. I can’t say much about it because I only had one sip but it was really chocolatey and it had the same thickness as the red velvet milkshake. In the milkshake, they had a huge, fat straw and a spoon. I can’t rank it in my previous review over multiple milkshake-selling restaurants because it would be unfair to them because I haven’t tasted their’s in a while. But these would definitely be in the top somewhere. Hopdoddy’s has many different varieties of milkshake flavors like vanilla bean, Nutella and chocolate pretzel, raspberry white chocolate, and caramel and sea salt. I loved Hopdoddy’s milkshakes and can’t wait to try more flavors!