• Maria Whiteside Mejia

    Last night I had an unbelievable 8 course suckling pig tasting menu – snout to tail by chef Bruno Davaillon at The Mansion on Turtle Creek. Oink Oink

  • Emily Garner

    Yesterday, I enjoyed my first (and last, I suppose) lunch at Samar before it closes tomorrow. It was delightful. I’ll be sad to see it go!

  • Brandy T

    On Wednesday night, my friends and I had a hankering for authentic Indian…not fusion or Americanized…the real McCoy. After searching we made an awesome discovery. Underground Indian in Las Colinas! (side note: I live firmly in the bubble, and thought something up the tollway would be much closer to me. Not so, the restaurants in Addison or Plano are at least 14 miles away. Underground Indian was only 9.4 miles away!)

    Anyway, we were transported back to Madhya Pradesh with this food!!! (Even though his cuisine is actually from a little further North) Best Indian I’ve had in the States! The chef came out and was so awesome and sweet. Our favorite Indian restaurant is Bukhara, we’ve eaten at two, one in Cape Town and the other in Delhi. Turns out the chef has cooked at the Delhi Bukhara!!!

    Seriously, we were blown away. Service was great and hospitable. The beautiful chin waggles which I’ve come to coin, ‘yes, no, I don’t know’ melt me every time!!!

    Go! Go! Go! Worth the ‘drive’!

  • golfnfashion

    While not in Dallas, I have to mention Trencherman in Chicago. Was there last Friday night. A lively, unassuming, casual space with great food and great drinks. Also, had the burger at Au Cheval for lunch Saturday. Not sure it was the #1 burger in the country, but it was quite good. Add those, and Avec and Nellcote to your list when you visit The Windy City.

  • Sarah

    We went to Taco Diner on Belt Line last night for a quick celebratory dinner. It’s not fine dining, but quick is the important word here.

    The service was awful. AWFUL. They changed their normal red salsa to some brown version, but were able to bring us the red on request. Weird. The guacamole salad was okay. The mambo taxis redeemed the rest of the meal.

    Should’ve gone to Fernando’s.

  • VWV

    Cane Rosso Whiterock this week, very good pizza, no surprise there. Unfortunately the service was really bad, kinda ruined it a bit.

    Cafe Toulouse , first time here for dinner, not really sure how they stay in business. The food is dreadful.

  • Trace

    Nova for lunch last Saturday … amazing food and great staff

  • Jonathon Nicholson

    Had nosh for dinner this week. The food was outstanding. The porcini mushroom ravioli was fantastic. Had some very appealing entrees I want to go back for. The service was spot on and very helpful. Looking forward to my next visit to nosh.

  • frontgirl

    The only thing that stands out in my week of eating was Taco Diner at Preston Center. Never.again! The food was fine but the number of loud, obnoxious kids was unbelievable — screaming, tantrums and mothers who completely ignored their screaming kids — instead gulping margaritas. Numerous tables had more kids/toddlers than adults. Listen up parents (with special attention going to mothers) — NOBODY wants to hear your kid scream when they are paying good money to dine out. It’s incredibly rude and disrespectful to the restaurant and the patrons. Shut your kid up — take them outside until they quiet down or take them home. When did this type of behavior (by adults as much as kids) become acceptable?

  • Michael Merriman

    Went to the new Jeng Chi in Richardson. The place is cavernous compared to its former home, but it’s a question of packed small place vs. half empty big place. The service was sincere, although he couldn’t answer any questions about the menu, such as “what kind of fish is in the tofu and fish dish?” On that last dish, it was truly authentic and delicious and tilapia. The dumplings, Jeng Chi’s original claim to fame, have always been and remain superb and downright fun to eat (the small juicy, chicken, and pot stickers are my faves). They no longer allow byob, sadly, and their wine list is lame (stick with the Sauvignon blanc). Still, this place is fantastic and I can wait to go back.

  • twinwillow

    The lunch buffet at Dean’s Afghani & Persian Cuisine in Richardson.
    The most delicious Afghan and Persian chicken and lamb dishes I’ve ever eaten. As good as eating in someones home. Many veggie options as well. We’re very happy to have a new Mediterranean restaurant to choose from.

  • joeat

    Delightful lunch Saturday at Sakhuu with wine from Jimmy’s. Will definitely go back frequently as well as try their new take out/delivery store about to open on Lemmon

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