• Jonathon Nicholson

    A little birdy yesterday told me that pak pao was opening a day early. I must say the highly anticipated pak pao was well worth the wait. The best Thai food I have ever had. I forget the names of all the dishes I enjoyed but everything was fantastic. Wonderful cocktails and all around great place. I will be back very soon to explore more parts of the menu. Looks like the oak team has another smash hit on there hands.

  • FoodieFBomb

    Went to FT33 for Swine and Wine Tuesday. While the pork dish was great, they seemed to be having some dessert issues.
    We were served three quenelles atop a bourbon pecan crumble.The smoked vanilla gelato had a nice smooth texture but lacked any smoke, honestly it tasted like eggnog.
    The dark chocolate was flavored nicely but the overly gritty texture was hard to get past.
    Finally the blonde chocolate had a rich caramel flavor, but I do not know what it was supposed to be, it never melted and had a paste-like texture… imagine stabilized dulce de leche.

  • txmuzik

    went to Bolsa Tuesday night … for the very first time, if you can believe that. everything was just superb. great food, ambience, service and a great overall vibe and experience. all the raves are well deserved. congrats Jeff and staff.

    • Beda

      I find that hard to believe!

  • twinwillow

    Taj Express (Indian buffet) on Lemmon Avenue for dinner one evening. It’s amazing how much delicious Indian food one can consume for only $11.99!

    Pecan Lodge last Saturday. Never again! There were only 35 people in line in front of us at 10:10 AM and maybe 100 behind us when they opened at 11:00. When we got to the order counter, we were told they had already ran out of beef ribs! My friend from Nashville was bummed about not having a beef rib but, he loved his chopped brisket sandwich. My “moist” brisket was waaaaay too fatty. And, the meat under the fat line was too dry. My pork ribs were good but on the skimpy (size wise) though.
    Next time I’m going back to The Slow Bone.

  • Kevin Mccormack

    You would not believe how bad the Wild Turkey has gotten, unless you had to go to the bathroom immediately after you ate too. Sometimes you don’t even get what pay for.

  • Sheila

    Made it to Haystack Burger last night. Fantastic burgers, perfectly cooked & just the right amount of lettuce, tomato & pickles. The onion strings were great, especially the sauce they’re served with. It’s definitely going into our rotation.

  • todd

    I walked over to Shady’s Burger Joint in Richardson last weekend. I really like the atmosphere of a little neighborhood hangout. Finding a table could get dicey if this place ever hits its stride. That said, I was quite disappointed in my burger – I ordered The Hood with white cheddar, sliced avocado, and grilled onions and jalapenos. The toppings created a nice complementary flavor but the patty was too dry and the bun too large. Way too much bread. The saying “all hat and no cattle” comes to mind. I was also sad to learn that they no longer serve chicken wings. A friend of mine had raved about them so I wanted to give them a shot. They do have a full bar, and I’m not above sitting at a bar and getting my drink on, so I may go back.

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