Carnival Barker’s Ice Cream Goes on Production Hiatus

carnivalbarkerIf you ask me what I did this weekend, I’ll tell you that I ate, drank, and spent two wonderful days with a visiting Floridian friend. She almost died from the heat, but that’s a different story for another day. Everything was  going peachy smeachy up until the moment I couldn’t find Carnival Barker’s ice creams anywhere in Dallas. Then I almost went nuts.

There wasn’t a SINGLE pint of Carnival Barker’s to be found at Bolsa Mercado and Jimmy’s. Both places told me that the ice cream team had stopped production. I discovered a few pints at Green Grocer’s, but they sold those precious babies for $10 a pop. Dude. Ain’t nobody got money for that!

Sarah Miller, one of the ice cream magicians at Carnival Barker’s, responded to my desperate email plea for more Munchies (chocolate-covered potato chips in peanut butter ice cream) by telling me that they’ve gone on production hiatus while they wait for their physical store to open on August 1 inside the Greenville food truck park. Apparently, the State of Texas tried bullying Miller and Aaron Barker to use a pre-made ice cream base with fillers and high fructose corn syrup, and the CB team decided to take the high road by purchasing a $14k pasteurizer. They wanted to have complete control over their product.

Sadly, this means they can’t use the pasteurizer until their ice cream store opens in August. Until then, we are Carnival Barker’s ice cream-less.  Stay strong, people. It’s only a month and six days away until our lives will be filled with hatch chile chocolate and chocolate-covered potato chips again. THE AGONY. While you’re counting down the days, though, help support Carnival Barker’s fight for ice cream made with fresh ingredients. Barker and Miller spent their savings on that expensive pasteurizer, so they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund additional equipment for the new store.


  • Margaux

    I will be there on opening day. The banana pudding is my favorite!

  • ember

    Munchies sounds fantastic. pity it’ll be a while before I can try some 🙁

  • sabby

    nooo, they won’t be open when i get there =[