What To Drink Now: Wine From WTSO.com

WTSOWe are not lacking in great places to buy wine in Dallas….from Veritas to Spec’s to Stoney’s to Sigel’s…even your neighborhood grocery stores have stocked their shelves with tasty selections from all over the world.  (Have you been to the wine bar at Whole Foods in Lakewood?)   However, being a wine lover and always interested in a great deal on an unusual selection I have found WTSO.com – Wines Til Sold Out.  WTSO.com is an online wine store that sends emails out to their subscribers with the wine of the day, or the hour, or the half hour as it sometimes goes and you have a chance to buy it at a reduced price until they have sold out of their stock.  When they sell out, they send another email with the next wine that is available until sold out.  Yes, it can add up to many emails, but if you are looking for an interesting selection it is worth it.  And, usually, if you buy 4 bottles shipping will be for free.  Another reason I like them is because they often find a way to give back, and buying wine for a cause is always a good thing.  Tomorrow, May 7, WTSO.com will partner with Music 4 More, a 501c3 that provides resources to sustain and foster under-funded music programs in schools and communities across the United States.  Started in 2009, to date Music 4 More has donated 400+ music instruments to kids across the country and continues to partner with various other groups to help with veteran music therapy and awareness concerts, all to bring a brighter, music filled future to our society.  Tuesday WTSO.com will give a portion of sales to Music 4 More in support of their efforts.


  • Jeff Irish

    “SideDish is a food-related discussion among editors at D Magazine about the Dallas-Fort Worth dining scene — everything from good meals to bad service, kitchen gossip to restaurant news, chefs’ secrets to culinary trends. Bon appetit.”

    What about WTSO.com pertains to DFW, the DFW foodie scene, the DFW restaurant scene, the local businesses, or even specific wines that may be attractive to DFW shoppers? Are you running out about wines, DFW wine shops, DFW wine events and/or DFW wine news to write about? I can recommend plenty of wine-related topics for you to blog about that have more substance than this garbage. This is like a book critic posting a blog reminding everyone readers that there are some good, cheap finds on Amazon.com and to not bother with the local book stores.

    BTW, every local wine store will have some sort of product at a great discount, too. You don’t have too look hard to find a good deal anymore.

    This post seems lazy and disloyal to all of the people (consumers and industry professionals alike) who have spent years/decades helping develop a wine-related culture in DFW.

    Just my 2 cents.

    -Jeff Irish

    PS – this stinks of a paid advertisement. I know it’s probably not as Sidedish claims to be pretty open about that stuff, but the language above reads like a cut-and-paste from a press-release.

  • Zach B

    Thanks for posting. It seems like a fun concept and an easy way to learn about different wines. Keep ’em coming.

    • Jessica

      Hi Zach,

      My name is Jessica, I’m from WinesTilSoldOut! I hope you give us a try, I know you won’t be disappointed! We have amazing customer service (i guess that would be my opinion!) so please let me know if you have any questions!

      P.S. We are 100% Customer Satisfaction guaranteed – so feel free to try wines to your hearts desire!

  • Brent

    I could be wrong, but isn’t this illegal? I don’t think they can ship wine to Texas. The fine print says you assume responsibility for your local and state laws. Looks like a great site and I’m glad they support charities, but I’m not sure Texans should buy from them.

  • critic

    A shipment of wine from April thru October to Texas will likely be cooked in the heat. RUINED.
    Out of state wineries or wine sellers typically ship wine overnight from late Fall thru early Spring.

  • Jessica

    Hi Jeff,

    My name is Jessica and i work at WTSO. I just ran across this post, read it, then scrolled down to see your comment. First of all, please know that WTSO did not pay to have this written – and we much appreciate the love! One thing to know is that we are a family owned business so any publicity we get from word-of-mouth is amazing! We do deliver to Dallas and handpick and taste all of the wines we sell – so we are not some huge wine conglomerate. We hope that as a wine lover you will give us a try – whether we are physically in Dallas or not – because sometimes you just need wine delivered to your door! And like the article states, for free! Thank you for your opinion – I wanted to make sure our mention did not taint your view on Sidedish! They obviously have wonderful taste and advice since they found us! Cheers my friend! P.S. I’m originally from Houston and have been to Dallas many many times – have a great day, GO COWBOYS!

  • Jessica

    Hi Brent!

    The way our business is set up – I won’t bore you with details – we can definitely ship to Texas! It is one of our largest markets! We are family owned and pick and taste every wine we put on our website. Our model gives us different rules than a typical wine conglomerate distributor! We hope you will try us out! One thing to know for Texas is that we will delay shipping for you (since I know it gets insanely hot in the summer) – just look for the option when you check out! Cheers friend and enjoy your wine!

  • Jessica


    My name is Jessica – I’m from WTSO! I wanted you to know that for this reason, insanely hot summers – especially in Texas, we have a delayed shipping option! We will hold it for free in our climate controlled warehouse and ship it to you when you wish! Just look for it upon check out! Thanks for the comment – hope you try us out!

  • Jessica


    First of all, HOWDY! My name is Jessica and I am a former Texas Aggie working for WTSO! I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to write about us! As a family owned business we more than appreciate any love we get! I personally am so glad that you are enjoying our wine deals – they are all handpicked and tasted, and just so you know have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your money! Thank you for also noticing our partnering with Music 4 More! There are a wonderful charity with a wonderful cause! Please let me know if you need any details filled in about WTSO – one thing your readers should know, being from Dallas, is that we will delay shipping for free (a lot of people in Dallas use this option in the hot summer months so their wine doesn’t sit on a hot truck). THANK YOU AGAIN FROM THE WTSO FAMILY! We will continue to read – you obviously have great taste!

  • Hayley Hamilton

    Sorry you feel that way Jeff, I support many, many of our local wine stores on a weekly basis. However, I am always interested in finding out about other great places to buy wine. This isn’t a paid post – I simply like the site, I use the site, I get wine shipped throughout the year from the site. And, I like a business that gives back to both their customer with great prices and great charities.

  • Jessica Elkin