Updates on Lower Greenville: Trader Joe’s, HG Sply Co., and Dallas Beer Kitchen

The shell of TJ's coming to life.
The shell of TJ’s coming to life.

Lots of changes are underfoot in Lower Greenville. Yesterday I was walking along the street – just minding my own beeswax – when I noticed all these new places pop up. Lower Greenville is in the midst of a Restaurant Renaissance.

Though I haven’t seen any movement on chef Jason Boso’s food truck park, I’m guessing it’s waiting for Trader Joe’s to finish up construction work because the two areas will be sharing a common parking lot. Carnival Barker’s will open its ice cream shop in the truck park, and kids will be running around Lower Greenville like the crazies they are. Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House owners are fixing to move into 1919 Greenville Ave. for their new restaurant, The Blind Butcher, pretty soon. They still haven’t said when it’s opening yet. Mums the word.

So here’s what we do know, for sure: Trader Joe’s is making progress. Look! (See above photo.) The exterior is almost done. Cookie butter will soon be closer than ever.

hgsupplyHG Sply Co. (spelled that way for whatever reason) is opening across the street from TJ’s at 2008 Greenville Ave. next Tuesday on May 21. Elias Pope, Gus Antos, Mark Zahem, Neville Govender decided to come up with a a neighborhood grill and bar that is “influenced by the ‘back to basics’ philosophy of the Paleo diet.” Lots of natural, organic, and local sourcing from American farmers and ranchers. Very trendy. The beverage program adheres to the same kind of food dealio – no sugar added to the drinks, and everything promises to be fresh. Click for the menu.



If you keep walking south along Lower Greenville, you’ll hit the Dallas Beer Kitchen, which looks about ready to open any day now. DBK is owned by Bryan Kaeser and Joe Scriber, two bloggers-turned-restaurant-doers who decided to team up with their wives and create a darn good destination for craft beer geeks. At least the exterior looks like it. I tried peering through the windows, but they were too dark for me to see inside. Some Facebook stalking tells me that its interior is coming along: chairs and tables set up. Bar area kind of done. They’re probably in the middle of hiring people, according to this blog post from May 8. Funny how they said, “We’ll also be happy to give out our numbers, but not here! There’s some creepy people on the internet, especially those blogger folks!” while I’m, um, in the middle of being a creepy blogger.

Anyway, DBK promises food like “brisket burgers, movie theater popcorn, tellicherry pepper ribs, and fried biscuits.”


  • Beda Casstevens

    The HG Sply menu looks good.

  • Mica Scott

    Very happy there’s going to be a Trader Joe’s right on Greenville Ave and very close to where I live… great!!!

  • Jennifer Smith

    Can’t wait for DBK to open…needing a laid back place to hang in Dallas. Especially with the beer palettes these two have it should be a destination for all to enjoy!

  • Senor

    I know, right? I mean, there’s like nowhere on Greenville to get a beer nowadays!

  • Rick Stover

    Wooty woot…