Travelocity Goes on a Search for Dallas’ Best Taco

Jason posted this video on Frontburner yesterday, but I was stuck in Northwest highway traffic when it happened. Apparently, Travelocity has started a new series of travel videos hosted by Courtney Scott.

Scott only tried three taco places (Mia’s, Good 2 Go, and Fuel City) in Dallas and declared Mia’s the winner of Dallas’ best taco. Hmm, I guess our guide to the “Best Tacos in Dallas” wasn’t one of her “trusty local sources.” Bummer.


  • dallasfoodorg

    Not exactly Gilgamesh or Odysseus, when it comes to a “quest.”

  • primi timpano

    You might want to send her the guide. She really needs one.

  • twinwillow

    LOL! Tourista tacos! I wonder what she would have said if she went to El Si Hay or, Tacos La Banqueta. or even, El Tizoncito?

  • Jenn Estrada

    This is a sad, sorry, little list. And the Tex Mex place won? Really? Viva La Banqueta!