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Scenes from Brew Riot 2013 in the Bishop Arts District

Girls having fun (photos by Matthew Shelley)
Girls having fun (photos by Matthew Shelley)

Brew Riot pumped  right into the heart of the Bishops Arts District on Sunday. The line to get in was long and the smiles were plentiful. So much beer. This is the fifth time this celebration of home brewing has gone off with tremendous success. There were countless masters of home brewing in attendance, delivering a diamond studded array of beer to what seemed to be every man, woman, and child in the city. It was a full house, and the warm weather suited the limitless suds quite well. The beauty of home brewed beers lies in the brewer’s need only to make something delicious. There are no sales quotas, distribution hurdles, or marketing campaigns to misalign the beauty of the beer itself. These hearty folks make beer just for the love of doing it themselves. For the few of you that did not make it, you should add it to your calendar for next year. It’s my favorite beer celebration in this city and a true testament to craft beer in Dallas. With so much love surrounding the third most popular drink in the world right here in our fair city, I almost melt under the sensation. Please pardon any lack of cohesive narration due to this being less than two days from Brew Riot. You feel me.