Nosh Euro Bistro in Plano is Closed

Celeste and Avner Samuel do not give up easily.
Celeste and Avner Samuel do not give up easily.

Just a little over two weeks ago, Nosh Euro Bistro’s executive chef Jon Stevens left to start his own restaurant. Today, owner/chef Avner Samuel closed the Plano location of Nosh Euro Bistro. Now owners Celeste and Avner Samuel are down to one location of the restaurant.

Avner and Celeste opened the original Nosh Euro Bistro in September, 2010,  just a little over a month after they closed Aurora, their fined dining restaurant. At the time, it was a bold move. The couple operated Aurora, one of the Dallas’ finest restaurants, in a strip shopping center on the Oak Lawn/Highland Park border for seven years. Six months before their lease was up on the space, the couple closed Aurora and reopened a little more than a month later as Nosh Euro Bistro. They brought in Jon Stevens from Neighborhood Services and the place took off. They built a bar, lowered the price point, and put out some fine food.

The concept worked. Eighteen months later they opened a second location in Plano. Then Samuel got cocky. He messed around with Ed Bailey and tried to fix Bailey’s Prime Plus. The he and Stevens opened Snack .

Now they are back to one location of Nosh Euro Bistro on Oak Lawn. I love Avner’s cooking. I hope they keep Nosh going.


  • unidostresquatro

    One word … overrated.

  • martingermany

    @unidostresquatro I disagree! We loved the food and the concept.

    We’ll definitely miss Nosh!

  • runDMC

    Same old story, same old song. If one is good then 4 must be better.
    Nope, 4 means Avner is never in the kitchen and then they all start to slip.
    Expect the original Nosh not to make it either. Many loyal locals have stopped going
    because of inconsistent food. Plus, by this time Avner’s bored. Time to
    start over once again. Find some new suckers. But, really, why Dallas?
    I hear Florida is really booming and is under served. Non-stop Greyhounds
    departing daily.

    • marisa

      Agree…….chef/owners can only be in one location at a time. Additonal locations almost always fail. Avner is bored and the food shows it…….blah !

  • TLS

    We went several times and Avner was in the kitchen every time. Guess we got lucky. However, it wasn’t one of our favorites. The food was good but the service was always impersonal and rushed. I had to send my drink back on two occasions because they were undrinkable (this rarely happens to me) so I just stuck with wine. The table set-up and flow of the restaurant was off somehow. It definitely needed some feng shui.

  • Rodney Haas

    Bummer great food and close to home. Sorry it’s closed.

  • Dubious Brother

    Who is in the lead now, Monica or the Samuels?

    • runDMC

      Honestly, no contest. Avner’s gotta be near upwards of 20, including…wait for it, a kosher deli.

  • Dubious Brother

    Partners maybe?

  • runDMC

    more like a plague

  • Josh the Jew

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer more deserving ass H&@$le? Jizz bucket stole my white weddin dress and owes me and a multitude of service professionals lots of $$ from plundered tip pools

  • Josh the Jew

    Good luck in getting your rent, Mr. Plano landlord

  • Josh the Jew

    Mazal Tov…..Plano knows crap when they see it…

    Shalom, sucka!